Monday, July 09, 2007

Bash the rich-bashers

An article in precisely the right tenor from Spiked.
Why is everyone from Tatler to Toynbee (as in Polly) attacking the super-wealthy for their greed and spending habits?

Well, it's probably because the columnist in question is an economic fucking illiterate and serial liar who seriously thinks that making people poorer will make everyone richer. And Tatler's no better.
Is all this rich-bashing, as one commentator claims, a healthy sign of a desire for a fairer, more equal society? Is it a belated questioning of Thatcherite money-grabbing, and therefore A Good Thing?

No, it isn’t. On every level, today’s complaints about the ‘super-rich’ are spectacularly ill-informed and wrongheaded. For a start, complaining that millions in the bank is an ‘obscene amount of money’ is akin to looking through a telescope at the wrong end. Wouldn’t a £180 weekly wage packet, earned by some in the poorer sections of society, better be described as an ‘obscene amount of money?’ It’s coming to something when having little money is seen as being somehow more desirable than having a mountain of moolah. What kind of message does this popularise? That aspiring for higher living standards is the equivalent of dining with the devil?

Attacking ‘rich bastards’ might sound righteous and radical, but it conveys the idea that all of us should settle for less.

Quite. Go and read the whole thing.

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