Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Andy Burnham is a knee-jerk scrotum

At The Kitchen, we have discussed the truthiness of Andy Burnham—as well as calling him a liar, a cunt, a spiv and a braindead bore—and this terrible, little greaseball is one of our very favourite ministers. No, really.

Anyway, although your humble Devil is no more of a fan of the Tories's brand of social engineering than he is of NuLabour's, our favourite spiv's reply to Iain Duncan Smith's newest report on our "broken society" is, quite frankly, hilarious.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andy Burnham said the proposals offered "no real help to hard-working families", but were "a series of unfunded spending commitments which would cost over £10bn, with no idea where the money is coming from".

He added: "This is a con from David Cameron because, despite his warm words, he does not have the money to pay for his proposals."

Really, Andy? Um...

In 1997, the government spent some £340 billion of our money; this year NuLabour's benevolent state will be spending about £600 billion. So, unfortunately, there is always the money to pay for whatever these venal scumbags want: they can just extort it out of we poor taxpaying fucks.

And the greatest thing, as far as the government is concerned, is that the more that they tax us to pay for their social engineering projects and PC fads, the loss of yet more money leads to a commensurate loss of freedom—in this way, any tax-based legislation removes twice as much of our liberty.

I hate them all so very, very much.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

"The Tories's brand of social engineering"

Wrong, there is only one brand, the one that does not work. The only social engineering that has any point is locking up violent criminals.

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