Monday, July 09, 2007

"And Spam made man in his own image."

Spam-Cam has now decided that he is going to mend our broken society which is, I think you'll agree, very generous of him.
Tory leader David Cameron has said mending Britain's "broken society" is the biggest challenge facing the UK.

I see, Dave. So, remind me: what is your definition of a "fixed society"? Would it be something moulded around what you believe in; y'know, not a free society or anything, just one that conforms to your societal norms, eh?
Citing high crime rates, drug abuse and teenage pregnancies, he said there was something "deeply wrong" and "long-term generational change" was needed.

Yes, Spam, there is something wrong; it's called "The Welfare State". Let's abolish it now.
Mr Cameron was speaking to the BBC's Sunday AM show ahead of a report by the party's Social Justice Policy Group.

A rise in the tax on alcohol to help tackle binge drinking is among the proposals it will contain.

Yes, we know: go fuck yourself, you little cunt. Again, why is it that everyone has to suffer for the sake of a minority?

The rest of it is full of the same kind of shit. For fuck's sake, why is there no Libertarian Party around? Someone who will point out that people make choices and that they should be responsible for the consequences?

All we have now are parties who maintain that people don't really make choices and that everyone else should pay through the nose for the mistakes of the minority. Fuck you, you tedious piece of shit.

Crawl back to the fucking swamp that you came from, you cunt.


Tomrat247 said...

DK, the last point you made about a political party isn't such a bad idea. I'm not talking jokingly like your awesome cabinet idea but one in which bloggers like yourselves stand as independants.

Some months ago Michael Moore had a section on his website about how ordinary americans could stand for their local, district councils and upwards and gave instructions on how to do this. Perhaps we should be less interested in forming a party and more rather a collective (a coop if you will) of individual, independant candidates with like-minded views. Their could be a collective blog response and resource page on your libertarian website which would help shape their advertising to the electorate (lets be honest - plying a disenfranchised electorate head on telling them your for reducing taxes, and showing how, lowering the burden of the welfare state, and putting direct democratic power back into their hands - as it is their responsibility - should be very popular).
This is what people are waiting for and they dont realise - a chance to take responsibility of their own lives and stop taking responsibility for those who wont take responsibility for themselves.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

I await my cue from Ron Paul.

My plan for a libertarian-orientated councillor campaign for the next local elections is being researched, developed and produced at this very moment... I'm having to piss out from inside the tent, rather than piss in from the outside.

UKIP Youth Council said...

You'd be surprised at how many Libertarians there are in UKIP, especially amongst the younger members. Now if we got together (which sounds very un-Libertarian I know...) we might be able to actually exert a little more influence on things.

I agree with tomrat247's ideas in general but you might find a hell of a lot more in common with the younger UKIP members than you think.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...