Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Abolishing private property

Via the fine ranting of Nation of Shopkeepers, I find that NuLabour are carrying on nicely with their socialist plans to abolish private property.
Muslim or Christian guest house owners who refuse to accept homosexual couples must impose a "sleeping together ban" on all other guests, the Government says.

Look, you fucking little shitsticks, you have just pointed out that these people are "owners" and now you are telling them what they may and may not do in their own private property.

Do you understand the concept of property rights?
As the holiday season gets under way, Meg Munn, a junior minister, has emphasised that it is illegal to allow married couples to share a room at a guest house or hotel while not allowing homosexuals the same right.

Really, Meg? I mean, I don't support these lunatic fucking religionists either, but I think that anyone should be able to do whatever the fuck they like on their own private property. That is, after all, the point of property rights, you socialist fuck.

The beauty of the way that our system works is that someone down the road who doesn't gives two shits about homosexuals staying in his guesthouse then makes a killing. The market provides, do you see?

But in any case, it is none of your fucking business, you interfering statist cunt-rag.
If gays are turned away, the only way a Christian or Muslim guest house owner can lawfully stay in business is if he or she offers single bedrooms to all guests - straight or gay.

So, tell me: if the owner offers a single room and the married couple say, "no, we'll take a double, thanks", does the guesthouse owner have to say that they cannot?
Miss Munn said a wedding photographer who refused a gay wedding booking should take up portrait photography instead, while a chauffeur who declined to work with homosexuals must specialise in corporate travel.

And now the government are attacking freedom of association! For crying the fuck out loud, why won't you fucking cock-knockers leave us all alone?
Norman Wells, the director of Family Education Trust, said: "To tell guest house owners who object to offering a double room to a same-sex couple that they must offer only single rooms is in effect to tell them, if they won't conform to the Government's new morality, they must face going out of business."

Effectively, yes. However, since this law exists that is a personal choice for the owner of the guesthouse.

The law, however, should not exist. It is not the government's place to dictate what private individuals do with their private property. Fuck you, NuLabour.

Go to Nation of Shopkeepers for more enraged blogging.

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Roger Thornhill said...

I posted at NoS too, but I totally agree with their stance.

This mindset comes from the Socialists' inability to understand freedom, property rights or the market and their desire to control life so such things are obliterated.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...