Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogpower Design Farce

So in the Best Design and Style Category, the results were as follows:
  1. Honeysmack (65)

  2. Devil's Kitchen (59)

  3. The Cityunslicker (51)

I don't read Honeysmack, but have a look at it. Funky, eh?

And now have a look at this downloadable template by Caz. My, my: what a remarkable resemblance!

And, whilst I enjoy CitySlicker's writing, can someone please remind me precisely how someone using a standard Blogger template can possibly be awarded third place? Shouldn't the prize go to whomever designed the template TicTac Blue in the first place (Dan Cederholm)?

In fact, of the three winners, the only person who designed their template, from scratch, was... your humble Devil.

Now, we in the design world have a nasty little phrase for those who take credit for the creative efforts of others; several, in fact. "Plagiarist", "pirate" and "copyright thief" are three of them.

In some cases, this kind of thing can lead to court battles because, you see, stealing someone else's hard work and creative inspiration is wrong. We creatives recognise it and, further, the law recognises it. Unfortunately, the Blogpower judges did not and the bloggers concerned had neither the courage nor the honesty to clarify the situation.

UPDATE: apologies, in my drunken, ranty mood I was guilty of just not checking properly. Honeysmack does link to and acknowledge the template creator. However, I think that the point still stands: the award should go to the creator of the template, not to the person who uses it.

Further—and on a design note rather than a legal one—that someone who uses a monospaced typeface that cannot distinguish between a hyphen and an m-dash* should nominally win this category simply demonstrates what a farce this whole vote is.

A bit like our democracy, really; we few who know what the fuck we are talking about are screwed by a bunch of people who know nothing about the subject on which they are voting.

Your humble Devil got Best Ranter, but he had long ceased to even pretend to give a shit.

* Articles on the correct useage of hyphens, n-dashes and m-dashes from Get It Write Online and A List Apart.


Anonymous said...

Democracy is, indeed, subject to just such limitations. No-one said it's the best system, but it's the least worst. The award is for "best design and style" not "best designer and stylist", so the people who made the templates are indeed entitled to full credit.

I hope we shall see you at the awards ceremony, DK. You can use your design skills to great effect on your SL avatar and enjoy heckling. B^)

CityUnslicker said...

thanks for the traffic!

Unsworth said...

Well I'm distinctly unimpressed by the other two. They really are pretty mediocre designs - and as to 'style', well what bleeding style?

Anonymous said...

Do you really give a shit DK?

You'll be sounding like that Blue new labour cunt Dale next...telling everyone he is great because he has a successful blog...

Just a thought ;-)

Ms Smack said...

Thanks for the edit. To be honest, when I saw your blog during voting, I thought you'd have it in the bag.

Next time, they need to be more clear about conditions of entry ie, design from scratch, not template. That might stop alot of unnecessary nominating and voting for all concerned eh?

Congrats on your other win.

Cheers mate
Smack x

Anonymous said...

DK why are you being so petty? You are normally quite level-headed.

The award is for the most stylish looking blog, regardless of who designed it.

Honeysmack looks better than yours does therefore deserved the win.

Besides content is important not so much presentation.

Devil's Kitchen said...

So, in a Category called "Best Layout and Style", the content is more important than presentation?

You're right, this does sound petty; but... If this were professional awards, with a cash prize, would you not say that the person who actually designed the template should get the prize, rather than someone who simply used it?

Same principle applies here.


Bill said...

I take your point about originality in blog templates, but Honeysmack has stolen nothing as the creator explicitly gives permission to use it, and she acknowledges where the template came from on her blog, as the creator requires - she appears to have done underhand and anyone who voted for her could easily have seen this, although it is probable that a lot just accepted it a nice template. I think it is a really attractive looking template. I'd never visited it before and probably will not do so again.

For the record my own little blog uses a very simple template, originally based on one of the standard blogger templates of the time, but much modified by me since so that its origin is barely recognisable, and indeed so much has been changed that that it would be difficult (even for me) to re-create the original even though I have 100+ iterations of the design on file goings back 3+ years of the blog's 5+ years of its existence.

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