Saturday, June 23, 2007

We should ban doctors from speaking

Via Timmy, when will these fucking medical types shut their fucking cakeholes and get on with their job of patching people up?
A national ban on drinking in the street should be introduced to help defeat the binge-drinking culture, senior doctors will say next week.

Laws to increase the legal age for buying alcohol to 21 - except in pubs and hotels - and increases in tax on alcohol and advertising restrictions will also be proposed.

In the name of all that's unholy, when will these fuckers stop trying to involve themselves in things that they don't understand and just concentrate on the pill-rolling? Crippen, I'm ashamed of your profession and I'm seriously contemplating putting these cunt medicos in the same bracket as our illiberal, statist politicos.
The BMA motion calls for total national prohibition.

When will you stupid bastards realise that prohibition doesn't fucking work? How many times much this be demonstrated?
This follows growing concern about the impact of binge drinking on the nation's health and the financial implications for the NHS and the taxpayer of alcohol-related disease.

Look, since when was it the job of doctors to worry about the allocation of taxpayer funds? Are they in government? No, thank fuck. But, if it comes to it, I am worried about the "financial implications for the NHS and the taxpayer" of the ridiculously poor contracts given to GPs and hospital consultants.
Dr Christopher Spencer Jones, the chairman of the BMA's public health committee, said yesterday: "Drinking alcohol in public gives a message that it is just as normal as any other drink."

No, it fucking doesn't, you cunt.
"It is not, it is a mind-altering drug that causes people to fail to address risks."

Tough. We all know that and if we didn't, we learn. Fuck off.
"It can lead people to drive dangerously, have sex without a condom leading to unwanted pregnancies and make someone punch somebody and land them in court."

Tough. People take the decision to get drunk. Fuck. Off.
"We should stop having alcohol for sale in supermarkets alongside foodstuffs. If you had different doors and cash desks for alcohol in supermarkets, you would be signalling alcohol is not a safe foodstuff."

Are you a teetotaller? No, get to fuck.
"If you put it in a different environment you can have messages around safe and responsible drinking."

Yeah? We've put drugs in a different environment: that of illegality. Has that worked? No. So why don't you go and overdose on morphine, you stinking sewer-rat, fascist fucker. FUCK YOU.

And, of course, as Timmy points out, your solution just won't work.
Where is public drinking of alcohol most prevalent? France, Italy, the Mediterranean countries perhaps? Which countries have the fewest problems over binge drinking? Could it be those same countries?

Where is it illegal to drink in the street? The US: the centre of New Orleans is the only pace where you can wander down the street with a beer in your hand. Where is there are serious problem with binge drinking? Yes, you guessed it. It might not show up in the general statistics because many Americans don't drink at all, but those who do drink heavily.

Concerning the US, you know what that ban on drinking in public actually leads to, don't you? Sitting on the beach, or in a national park, having a picnic, with a bottle of wine, is a criminal offense. Someone seriously wants to introduce this into the UK?

And there I was thinking that you had to be bright to be a doctor.

Fucking statist doctor bastards with their fucking statist mindsets and their fucking illiberal views: listen to me very carefully (I would like to say this only once, but I've already said it many, many times).




Neal Asher said...

Let's be frank about this, these fuckers feel they can shove us around like this on the basis that they treat us, that our habits cost the NHS etc etc. We are forced to pay for the NHS. It's like being forced to pay for milk deliveries and the milkman then telling us how to drink the milk, wash out the bottles, and that we must put them out at a particular time and in a particular place on the step.

Fuck 'em.

Anyway, I need my mind-altering substances to dull the pain caused by these dictatorial cunts.

Charles Pooter said...

It is a bad enough that the quacks managed to get their little guild recognised by the state, thereby artificially restricting the supply of medical care (causing untold pain and misery) and artificially increasing the size of thier pay packets. But to have these pompous bone technicians lecture us about how we may or may not "go to hell in our own way" is intolerable.


1. End the last major closed shop in Britain (besides the legal racket) by abolishing the GMC and repealing all legislation regulating medicine.
2. Split up the NHS and hand it over to local private mutual friendly societies with membership and voting rights to all citizens in that area.
3. End all state funding of healthcare and medical training.

When the medical closed shop is ended, leading to a blossoming in the supply and diversity of medical care available; when quacks are effectively scutinised and their services purchased at consortium prices by large friendly societies; and when doctors have to pay for their own training our of their own pockets -- thenthey will be too busy competing with each other for work, like the rest of us have to, to have time to lecture us on how we live our lives.

Roger Thornhill said...

Grief, you'd've thought doctors would have the reasoning facalties to know that :-

binge drinkers can result in street drinking

is not the same as

street drinking can result binge drinking

The flow can be omnidirectional, you know, Doc.

I have lost count of the number of times I come across people trying to reverse the logic of an argument. Normally occurs when people are trying to find evidence to suit an assumption.

Lib-Dems and Sociofascists are particularly prone.

I really think Boolean algebra (dressed up, p'raps) and critical reasoning should be compulsory in school.

Dr Blue said...

This is action of BMA's Public Health Group. They are not representative of most doctors who do want to get on patching people up.

I wish BMA would stick to its trades union role and leave public health pronouncements to others.

There is an issue as to whether people should or should not drink in the street. It shouldn't be BMA to make it.

iznogoud said...


I am a doctor myself and I could not agree more with you.

The problem you see is that the medical profession is plagued by a new breed of politically correct idealist hippy fukwits who under the cover of altruism try and impose their narrowminded fascist lifestyles and patronising advice on everyone. This behaviour is the only authoritarian voice they have left since these idiots have constantly shown a complete lack of vision and strengh in directing their own profession and maintaining independence; creating a power vacuum that is now filled by all sorts of parasites (see NHS BlogDoctor for the meaning of parasites) Hence now all they can do is walk around with a chip on their shoulder (which by the way they hate to admit) and preach a load of bollocks while being completely oblivious to the dammage they are inflicting. In short they are a bunch of monoclonic depersonalized numpties and I will do everything I can to sweep them out of my sight.

I appreciate your contempt and wish to reinforce it!

adam james pringle said...

To look on the bright side...

..the committeee loving doctor-cum-bureaucrats why like to spend my union dues on promoting state interference in to every aspect of our lives....

..have managed to inflict more pain and suffering on their fellow doctors than on the rest of you so far (with the reform aof medical training, micromanagement by protocol, and attempt to eradicate intelligent thought - although patients will pay a price, given time)...

....and have largely escaped to committeedom to avoid actually having to see patients - so you will usually be treated by the rest of us, not by some opinionated tosspot.

Dr Xavier Ray said...

Don't tar us all with the same brush. The medical profession may not hang around street corners drinking out of cans but most enjoy a bottle or three on a regular basis.
I don't think this twat knows what he is talking about.
It is undeniable that alcohol in excess is harmful and that people who drink to excess divert medical care and spending away from other people. Any doctor is correct in pointing this out and, indeed probably has a duty to, but the call for a ban is just silly. Alcohol has been a part of human experience for so long that the body has actually evolved the mechanism to process alcohol (except in some Chinese who lack the enzyme and can get drunk on half a pint of beer).
BTW I don't think France is a good example of safe alcohol use. They don't suffer as much binge drinking but they have a very high incidence of liver disease which (unlike the UK) is now on the decline as they have reduced their alcohol intake.

Tapestry said...

Brits have always been heavy drinkers throughout history. It's our rotten climate. In France Italy etc they have warm sunshsine. Here we don't. Drinkers are sometimes decribed as having a suntan from the inside!

It feels good when the weather is rotten to get pissed up. In hot countries being drunk does not help you feel good so much. You tend to drink less there, I find.

Pogo said...

It always gives me a wry smile when the BMA starts banging-on about the Demon Drink... For as long as I can remember, the unofficial definition of an alcoholic has been "someone who drinks more than his doctor".

Henry North London 2.0 said...

It is not the Doctors who are saying dont drink on street corners but their overpaid and overinflated and over indulged British Medical Association which likes to think it possibly could be a force for good but refuses steadfastly to bother with any decent trade union activities and cant even organise a vertical urination in a brewery. Not because they cant but because they wont. The Government and the NHS is in cahoots with the BMA and doesnt bother that 10000 junior doctors will be unemployed come August.

Just dont fall ill....

flashgordonnz said...

Quite rightly, a lot of the comments point out that it is not DOCTORS who are calling for the ban, it is the BMA.

This is happening in a lot of organisations: the "office" is filling with people educated under a socialist agenda. People who think that being a nanny is “normal”, the new “traditional morality” as it were.

How to counter this? Changing the education system would help, but the result could take decades to be felt in the workplace. So it is up to “normal” rank and file doctors to get political and show an interest in the activities of the BMA. Pronouncements such as these should be put to the membership before becoming policy. Referenda are a chance for “ordinary folks” to make a difference. They should be fairly easy to administer in this electronic day and age. If all professional organisations employed these techniques, it could begin to send a message to the wider public to put pressure on central government to use referenda.

Devil's Kitchen said...

The BMA is, as I recall, made up of doctors. As is the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the President of which, John Smith, called for a three drink nightly limit in December '05. Various other medical bodies (yes, all made up of doctors) have lobbed in similar comments over the years.

I fully admit that the BMA is the worst, by far, but only because it is the most influential. The MTAS fiasco might well have dimished some of their power but as long as there are doctors who still subscribe to the BMA (which they do, because the BMA hasn't gone bust and closed down) then they are answerable for what their trade body says. If doctors don't like it, then they should cancel their subscriptions.

If any doctors have cancelled their subscriptions, by the way, they should feel free to email me and their names will go onto a roll of honour at The Kitchen.

When I write articles such as this, you must remember that I am doing it to vent my frustrations: I know that not all doctors are illiberal, interfering busybodies -- you should take it for granted that I am talking to those that are.

Oh, and warning off any would-be medicos who might feel like having a go at law-making in the future.


Unknown said...

DK pour yourself a large one and chill out. It's the utter tw*ts at the BMA who propose this kind of sh*t, not normal doctors. In fact, a recent health survey has found out that due to the government's incompetence and the BMA's craven inactivity, most of us junior docs are either drinking too much or contemplating suicide (or both) over the junior doctor's training fiasco. If the BMA want to discourage binge drinking they should concentrate on being representative of doctors and trying to stop the government from f*cking us all up, not being a talking shop for self-important tw*ts.

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