Monday, June 04, 2007

Twenty Major speaks for us all, Irish cunt that he is.
Personally I’m repulsed by politicians. I think they’re wrong. I think those people harm themselves and—without caring about it—harm society.

And if that bothers you just shove it up your hole.

Not a word of a lie, Twenty.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with politicians, as has often been pointed out, is that the people who want to be them are generally the ones least suited to it. Whereas decent people wouldn't touch the job with a barge-pole. Professional politicians are an unavoidable evil - which is why the best political systems are the ones that limit their power most, like constitutional monarchies, for example. Our system worked well for quite a time, but is now being subsumed and undermined by the EU bureacratic dictatorship. The ensuing disaster will be entirely predictable.

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