Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer in the city

Your humble Devil has, for the last couple of months, been attending a very fine club on the first Friday of the month. It is called Burns Soo Bright and is a Britpop club with every night being themed in some way. On July 6th, the theme is Summer In The City.

Amusingly, your humble Devil—aided, abetted and, no doubt, argued with by young Mark—is DJing for an hour, from 9.30 to 10.30 (as I recall). We are covering the 80s and early 90s so I am looking for suggestions for songs that you think should be played. They should link to summer in some way: either the title or the lyrics should mention "summer" or "sun", that kind of thing. And of course, they should be by British bands and be eminently danceable to.

So, my Kitcheners, any suggestions (other than the ones already cited)?

And, of course, come along: July 6th, from about 8pm until 1am, downstairs at the Royal George. Oh, and it's free: can't say fairer than that, eh?


Anonymous said...

"boys (summertime love)" - sabrina

great video! Not sure if she's British tho'.

Anonymous said...

Blur - Girls & Boys

Snafu said...

"Things can only get better" by D:ream!

Anonymous said...

"Boys of summer" by that Dutch DJ, DJ Sammy.

"Summertime blues" Flying Lizards (Swiss? English?)

"Sun arise" by Alice Cooper who are Amercianm but it's a cover of the Rolf Harris song, who is an honorary Brit.

"Sunshine of your love" Cream. Hey! They were English!

"Summer romance" Rolling Stones. Ditto!

"Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams whose from former British colony Canada and who once did a rather nifty duet with Mel C, who is English.

Anonymous said...

"who's", not "whose", sorry.

Fophillips said...

Anonymous said...

Movin' On Up by Primal Scream.

"I'm movin on up now. And out of the darkness. My love shines on. My love shines on. My love shines on."

Anonymous said...

"Golden Brown" (texture like sun) - the Stranglers.

Try mixing 13/8 into your 4/4 routine DK. Go on I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, 'Peaches' also by The Stranglers.

'Someone Somewhere' by Simple Minds.

The B52s 'Summer of Love' (bit mellower than the usual 'Love Shack' offering)

MatGB said...

I'm thinking Pulp's Sorted for E's and Wizz has to be a plan. Blur's Bank Holiday might be a better option to Girls and Boys thematically.

Something from Skunk Anansie's Paranoid and Sunburnt would fit the theme, but no individual song strikes me, plus might be a bit heavy? Dunno.

Meh, it'll be my first payday from the new job, so I might just manage to make it...

Mr Eugenides said...

I like Things Can Only Get Better.

Is In the Summertime permitted, or does the line "have a drink, have a drive" make Mungo Jerry non-kosher these days?

chunkybacon said...

DJ Sammy - Sunlight
Greece 2000 - Three Drives
Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining (rainbow mix)
Mental Overdrive - Electric Sunrise
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise
Summer Daze - Summer Daze 99 (Nick Holder mix)

Gavin said...

"Summer Fun" by The Barracudas
"It's A Fine Day" by Jane
"Club Tropicana" by Wham!
"Long Hot Summer" by The Style Council
"Lovely Day" by Bill Withers

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Fine Day" by Rolf Harris.

Unknown said...

Purely for irony's sake, how about "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard?

Anonymous said...

Sunscreem - Perfect Motion

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