Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reaching for the drinks cabinet...

Well, the Gobblin' King has organised his new Cabinet and it's apparently a "Cabinet of the talents". The details are as follows.
  • Prime minister: Gordon Brown

  • Chancellor: Alistair Darling

  • Foreign Secretary: David Miliband

  • Home Secretary: Jacqui Smith

  • Health: Alan Johnson

  • Schools and children: Ed Balls

  • Innovation, universities and skills: John Denham

  • Justice: Jack Straw

  • Commons leader: Harriet Harman

  • Defence and Scotland: Des Browne

  • International Development: Douglas Alexander

  • Work and Pensions: Peter Hain

  • Northern Ireland: Shaun Woodward

  • Chief secretary to the Treasury: Andy Burnham

  • Cabinet office minister: Ed Miliband

  • Culture: James Purnell

  • Olympics: Tessa Jowell

  • Transport: Ruth Kelly

  • Lords leader: Baroness Ashton

  • Attorney General: Baroness Scotland

  • Environment: Hilary Benn

  • Chief Whip: Geoff Hoon

  • Business and enterprise: John Hutton

  • Housing minister (attending Cabinet when needed): Yvette Cooper

  • Communities: Hazel Blears

  • Children and youth justice: Beverley Hughes

  • Africa, Asia and UN: Lord Malloch Brown

Your humble Devil has to admit that he was wrong when he predicted that Miliband would stay at DEFRA and that he would get the Energy Portfolio when the DTI was disbanded—mea culpa.

Never mind, Batshit has posted on his blog, announcing the good news.
As you will have heard, the new Prime Minister has asked me to take on new responsibilities as Foreign Secretary. Of course I am honoured to take up this new post.

The last 15 months have been hugely challenging and hugely enjoyable - and I hope we have made a difference. The new mechanisms for political engagement and dialogue represented by this blog are needed more than ever.

Thank you for reading, commenting and arguing over the last 15 months. It may take some time for new service to be resumed, but please watch this space.

Oh great: are we to assume that the taxpayer will have to fork out another £6,000 to set up his new blog at the Foreign Office?

I still think I'm right in that Miliband's Green Crusade is completely genuine. As such, I fully expect him to continue poncing around the world, dictating to various world leaders how they should control emissions. Personally, I hope that the USA, at the very least, do actually flush his head down the toilet. Repeatedly. And then debag the whinging little scrote.

One interesting thing to note about the list above is that the DTI seems to be now known as "Business and enterprise", so perhaps the department is going to be downscaled. Or perhaps it is merely a tacit acknowledgement that, as members of the EU, we don't control our own Trade policy anymore and so having a department responsible for it is completely pointless.

The rest of it? Well, who cares? It's another bunch of bastards to lay into I suppose, with the Gobblin' King sitting like a spider in the centre of it all...

UPDATE: Dizzy is obviously thinking along the same lines.
In Brown's Britain we no longer have the Department of Trade and Industry but instead the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. What's the betting it will interfere with business, stifle enterprise and implement red tape?

As Ronald Reagan once said, "the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

A good point well made there, I think...

UPDATE2: here are some pictures of the freeloading bastards. Fucking hell, you wouldn't want to meet any of those bastards down a dark alley at night, would you?


Old BE said...

The one piece of good news is that the new PM won't have to make all the mistakes that Blair made through inexperience and naivety. Brown can join Thatcher and Major in that club of people who had had a ministerial experience before becoming PM.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Typical, the Sack of Shit has known he would be PM for ages and it still takes him a day to sort out his cabinet.

Indecisive doesn't come close.

Idiots, the lot of them (except maybe John Denham).

*Thanks to all who attended at St Stepehen's yesterday, BTW*

Praguetory said...

Is Browne's additional responsibilty a prelude to Labour dealing with the Caledonian insurrectionists?

Trixy said...

Out with the with the old.

I just e-mailed my friend who works at the FCO with an e-mail full of 'ha ha ha's' but she says the mood there is jovial because' ding, dong, the witch has gone'

Mind you, for a second time in a row we have a climate change obsessed foreign minister...

The Remittance Man said...

If one considers two of the biggest potential crises facing The New Dear Leader (the pension blackhole and the small fact of two ongoing wars) one does have to wonder why he's put two complete wankers in charge of those departments (Hain and Browne respectively)and then added to their responsibilities (Northern Ireland and Scotland, again respectively).

Wise appointments? Displaying political accumen? Safe pairs of hands?

Nah. Didn't thinks so.

Z said...

The first thing Smith said was that she's been 'tasked'. I'm not hopeful.

The Remittance Man said...

Sorry - that should read Wales not northern Ireland

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