Monday, June 25, 2007

Power! Power for me!

Over in the Big Blogger House, the task is to come up with a political manifesto. The very excellent Mr Angry is in the house, and has nominated your humble Devil to be on his cabinet team, link-whore that he is.
Chancellor of the Exchequer & Deputy Prime Minister
The Devil's Kitchen. Does not suffer fools gladly, and there will barely be a penny wasted. Expect a flat tax rate across the board, and a close eye on anyone wanting anything to do with the EU. Also, will provide much entertainment standing in at PM's Question Time during my many lengthy breaks in the sunshine. Expect some violence.

Gosh, I feel honoured (even if Angry has stolen my job) and can't wait for my first PMQs, frankly. How much swearing is allowed in the House?

And would any young ladies like to audition to be my diary secretary? The casting couch is this way...


Katy Newton said...

Diarise THIS.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

You cant advertise for just ladies unless you quote the relevant act of parliament stating that only ladies can be employed due to sections so and so of such act.


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