Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Polly is insane #94

I must away in a few minutes, for I have a meeting to go to, but I would just like to comment briefly on Polly Toynbee's stupidity. Mainly because I can.
To stop inheritance tax avoidance, make all gifts taxable.

What the fuck? Have you lost your fucking mind, Polly? All gifts? Seriously? All birthday presents should be taxable?

All pints bought in a pub should be noted on the tax return?

A £5 pack of tobacco that I gifted to a friend recently should be declared and taxed?

Are you fucking bats? Fuck me, but Polly really is too stupid to live. In fact, the only people stupider than Polly are those fuckwits who keep giving her awards.

For a more comprehensive idea of just how extraordinarily thick Polly is, why not drink in Master Worstall's highly literate fisking of the silly fucking bitch?


Roger Thornhill said...

This latest is just so barking mad. She thinks there is a never-ending fortune out there from taxing the rich to fund the cosy living of millions.

The only never-ending source out there is the flatulent drivel eminating from Polly's gob.

Has she lost the ability to perform simple mathematics? Has she totally abandoned any pretence of comprehending or acknowledging cause and effect?

The comments are chock-full of morons who agree with her, which is even more scary. Maybe they are just winding her up so she spouts even more unsubstantiated, irrational yet laughable inanities. Nah - they, too, are deluded.

Aaron Murin-Heath said...

As a leftie I am often chastised for my hatred of the Toynbee. She is so annoying it's unreal. She makes my bowels ache.

She does the left more harm than good.

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