Saturday, June 09, 2007

No, no, no! No, there's nothing in this at all: there is no relation between your humble Devil and the Gobblin' King.

I hope.


Anonymous said...

There is a remarkable similarity... Perhaps Gordo cloned your DNA in an effort to cover up his own appearance?

Anonymous said...

I'm in a state of catatonic shock. I may never recover, if Polly is exposed as the mother.

Anonymous said...

So is this blog some kind of self loathing relief valve? are u the product of the goblin king and pollys
animal lust ?

Anonymous said...

No need for DNA comparisons. A simple eye test will seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a bit miffed if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Look at the opportunity. If DK stuff some cushions up his jumper, and somebody else slips a big brown sack over GB's head the next time he is down the tube and the lights flicker, the switch could be achieved between stations.

A bloodless, painless substitution would only count as a coup to those moaning minnies who insist on pettifogging details such as democracy and identity. And there aren't many of them or else there would be some sort of election going on right now, as we seem to be substituting one Scotch dictator for another. So people can't be right bothered anyway.

All they would be offered is a slimmer, younger, and possibly somewhat cleverer one, so that's like being offered a Miele washer in exchange for knackered Indesit which you already know doesn't work properly and keeps ripping the arms off the jumpers. Result.

If this is accomplished in the next two weeks, there is a much better chance of neutralizing the horrible lash-up of an EU constitution which is set to destroy what ever is left of the UK.

Have at it.

Bag said...

Mmmmm. We need to know more. In DKs unconscious mind he now has many questions about his interest in politics and his hatred for socialism. Could this be why DK has been giving Polly such a hard time? He is unconsciously jealous of the closeness that Polly has with Gordo. He was identifying something he was only aware of at a subconscious level. Is his political stance his way of rebelling his heritage?

I’m no psychologist, as you can tell, but could DK be converted and take his place at the right hand of the future PM.

With DK at his side all rebellion could be suppressed and we could enter a new dark age.

It doesn’t bear thinking about. We need to know now.

(ps Trixy. You may have to bump him off in his sleep. Contact the rebel alliance for instruction)

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