Friday, June 08, 2007

Let's all have a good wine...

Boris is on fine form, frothing about the potential labelling of drinks.
For well over 45 centuries the human race has been squeezing grapes and fermenting the juice into anything between seven and 15 per cent alcohol, and so producing the ecstatic drink that has been as sacred to every pagan religion as it is to Christianity.

As a great French historian has pointed out, the vineyards of France are perhaps the single greatest cultural legacy of the Roman empire, and it is now more than two millennia since people in Britain first became aware of the intoxicating powers of wine.

In all that time, no government in history has yet thought the people so moronic that they needed to be told, on the bottle, that wine could go to your head; and Flint's proposed act of desecration is all the more shameful and baffling when you consider - in your state of agreeable post-prandial rapture - that a bottle of wine is really a thing of quiet beauty.

Just one issue, Boris...
I am told that the drinks industry is in two minds. Some say capitulate and agree to the "voluntary" code; some say fight and force Flint to try to bring forward legislation.

I say fight, fight, fight. Fight against these insulting, ugly and otiose labels.

Yes, I agree: now, how about you tell your spineless, massively-foreheaded leader and get the fucking devious, cowardly cunt to actually stand up and do something about it?


Anonymous said...

Boris and David Davies actually say sensible things on a number of major issues, the latter in his front bench capacity at times.

Are we supposed to assume that since they are front benchers there is tacit approval of what they say and Cameron's drivelling is just part of the cunning plan of saying whatever is necessary to get elected? Will we get proper Tory policies once that happens?

Think most will conclude the risk of wasting one's vote and getting Blair MkII is not worth taking.

Nicodemus said...

As usual part of the Left's smear approach is to paint St Boris of Henley as a buffoon.
Yet - get your average lefty liberal, apply a smattering of sophistry, and they agree with most of his points.
I like talking them through the arguments and seeing them writhe with furiius self loathing when confronted by the grisly truth.

Anonymous said...

The 'Cameroons' should really be called the 'Came-ruins'.

Neal Asher said...

It's a damned shame David Davies wasn't elected party leader. I would have voted for them then. As it is I intend to vote UKIP, from wherever I'm living, which won't be in this shit hole of a country.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree on Davies. Who cares about charisma? The guy makes sense.

Anonymous said...

It's a fucking shame that most will just ride the wind and see where it takes them - especially on this issue! Where is the backbone? Aren;t there ANY more important issues that need addressing?

My mind drifts tothe warnings now being posted on bags of charcoal, for some reason. It warns NOT to light indoors - fucking INDOORS!

The idiots who need these labels, including the one proposed for wine bottles deserve any negative reprecussions from their actions.

It's a simple thing called "natural selection!"

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