Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Fairytale

Here is a heart-warming fairytale, cribbed from Dr Rant.
There was a young queen called Queen Most Irritating Voice who ruled over all all the land. This country had a health system called the La La Land Health Service that enitled everyone to a good standard of health care based on their clinical need. Queen Most Irritating Voice was not very popular as throughout her rule she kept trying to sell off the LLLHS to her royal buddies.

One day one of Queen Most Irritating Voice's friends was diagnosed with a particularly nasty cancer that needed surgical removal. The operation was booked but there was a slight problem; her friend needed a special bed for after the operation,however all the special beds were full come the day of her friend's surgery.

So Queen Most Irritating Voice rang up the head of the particular hospital and ordered him to free up one of the special beds so that her friend could have the necessary surgery without delay. So scared at this order from on high was the head of the hospital, that he immediately made sure that a special bed was cleared for Queen Most Irritating Voice's friend.

In this way Queen Most Irritating Voice exploited her position of power to benefit her friend. Some might say that this action was deeply unethical, while others may even go so far as to say that it was a matter that should force her immediate abdication.

I wonder where this fairytale could possibly have come from? It really could couldn't be an allegory, eh?


Anonymous said...

If you're looking to build a dirty dossier on Patricia have a look at:


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has got at your link ... it redirects to Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy a good fairy tale. Only they should always have happy endings, with the evil witch-queen being boiled alive in a cauldron, or something satisfying like that. Perhaps someone could oblige?

Anonymous said...

Should have copied it!

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