Sunday, June 17, 2007

Democracy the EU way

I don't like Margot Wallstrom: she has a smug face and an irritating manner. In fact, TEBAF Margot is entirely representative of the sincere worthiness of the EU elite. Some time ago, I summed up my feelings thus...
Margot Wallstom: Quisling bitch.

And now onto the second of our guests, the The Ever Blessed and Fragrant Margot Wallstrom (cheers, Timmy). The lovely Margot is up for eviction this week looking for love and can only choose one of our lovely fellas Vice-President of the EU Commission; a post she inherited from that other political giant, Neil Kinnock (the "Welsh Windbag"). As such, Margot is the person in charge of making sure that everybody loves the EU (she was rather surprised, as it happens, that this job was even needed as she has been sucking Satan's cock for so long that she assumed that everybody was already in love with the concept). Margot was first appointed to the Commission in 1999 and, so eager were the Swedes to stay rid of her, that they appointed her again a few years later (just to ensure that she got the message).

Margot is one of those people who hasn't quite grasped that she and her evil partners in the EU are, indeed, the problem. Unfortunately, she is pig-shit thick, and yet no one has caved her skull in with a boathook; they must be waiting for EU funding.

UPDATE: I'm sorry, but I don't think that I made this clear enough; what I am saying is that either Margot is pig-shit ignorant and stupid beyond any degree of reasonable belief or she is a lying, immoral hypocrite of the very worst sort. You guys can decide what you want. Personally, whatever way you go on this absorbing question, I think that she is a murderer, either by negligence or design, and should be imprisoned without hope of parole. Just saying, is all...

Anyway, TEBAF Margot runs a blog in which she notes down her usually worthless opinions and this week she was in London.
Yesterday in London was very hot and humid. The weather did not help MPs and Ministers scurrying to reach the votes in 8 minutes before the doors are locked in the Chamber of the House of Commons. I hope the British will forgive my Swedish eye on this rather arcane way of implementing democracy. Our visit to the House of Lords was also fascinating but while I understand the pride that many feel in their traditions, I cannot help seeing it as rather surreal, and something of a paradox in a country which has modernised so much in recent years.

This system is very archaic, is it not? But it does have the advantage that we, the people, can see which of our corrupt, slug-like political fuckwits voted for what. Also, as it happens, there's no confusion about the results.

Not something that's valued in the ultra-modern and institutionally corrupt EU, of course.
Yesterday, in Brussels though, [Graham Booth UKIP MEP] triumphantly proclaimed that his call for electronic voting had been fully justified, when the most outrageous error to date was exposed. During voting on a report by Mr. Kaczmarek on "EU partnership in the Horn of Africa", amendment No. 5 was declared "Rejected" by the chairman Vidal Quadras, having assessed the show of hands "for" and "against" the amendment.

An electronic check then revealed that it had actually been APPROVED by no less than 567 votes to 17 (with 18 abstentions). Quadras blamed the MEPs for "not holding their hands high enough".

"I rest my case," says Booth.

I trust, Margot, that you will forgive my English eye, but this seems to me to be... well... inefficient, unaccountable and corrupt. As such, of course, this voting system is a perfect reflection of the European Union itself.

Our division system may seem out-dated to you, Margot, but in Britain we like to retain systems that work, rather than changing them for change's sake. And, given that our elected representatives are a slippery bunch and one cannot trust a single word that they say, seeing hw they vote (and comparing that with what they say) is one of the few ways that we have of finding out what they truly think (or, of course, what screaming hypocrites they are).

So, with all due respect, Margot, why don't you fuck off and die?


Roger Thornhill said...

DK: but in Britain we like to retain systems that work, rather than changing them for change's sake

Which is more than can be said for our current Government, who seems not to understand that "change" "reform" or "modernise" does not necessarily mean "improvement". Often quite the reverse.

The Remittance Man said...

There's another advantage in forcing MP's to drag their sorry asses through the Division Lobby every time they have to vote: it takes time. This in turn places a practical limit on the number of potentially damaging votes they can take in any given day.

Something to be lauded methinks.

Anonymous said...

Roger 'our current Government ... seems not to understand that "change" "reform" or "modernise" does not necessarily mean "improvement".'

Correction; they know perfectly well what they are doing, each botched "radical shake-up" gives them an excuse for another "radical shake-up" and so on.

This keeps the four-headed tax-guzzling monster well-fed and happy, the four heads being Nulab, the IT/Consulting businesses, the EU and public sector trade unions.

Roger Thornhill said...

Mark, maybe I should have said "determined not to understand that..."

But you are right, in that they also systematically "break to replace".

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. The boathook to the skull idea is pretty impressive - but where do the insects come in in this case?
One of the worst things about the ten years we have suffered at the hands of NuLabour and its 'pc' androids is their total discrediting of the term 'modernisation'. What this actually means in their case, as has been pointed out, is the wanton destruction of huge swathes of our constitution which have taken centuries to develop and their replacement with badly-thought-out, gimmicky pieces of 'pc' bollocks that invariably make everything much worse, waste vast amounts of money, remove more of our ancient liberties and above all provide employment for more corrupt, incompetent NuLabour androids. Clearly this Wallstrom hag approves greatly of the process, and is surprised that there is anything left of our once-admired British parliamentary democracy. Never mind - after a few more years of EU interference, aided and abetted by a quisling Cameron 'conservative' government it will all be gone for ever, Margot. You only have to be patient.

Anonymous said...

I read that the EU do not even use that useful 15th century invention: double-entry bookkeeping.

Now that's archaic.

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

What mr. hughes said

guido faux - actually they do use a form of double entry bookkeeping: it's used when they're handing out the dosh - "one for you, one for me - one for you, one for me"

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