Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A couple of blogs

Last night I ate a scorpion.

No, there's no "and then I woke up" ending to this: I did actually eat a chocolate-covered scorpion at this restaurant. And a cricket, a couple of locusts, some crocodile wrapped in vine-leaves, kangeroo and some zebra. And something else; wildebeast I think. Yes, I ate a gnu. A gnother gnu. Gnu, gnu, I gnashed my teeth on you. It's all the fault of Friday Cities.

Anyway, a couple of blogs arising from FCLers. The Oracle is an Auxiliary working in a hospital somewhere in the south east, and is quite amusing on occasion. Auxiliaries are those poor bastards that do all of those things which nurses no longer have to, such as wiping bottoms and washing patients. I did it for a year and it's back-breaking, exhausting work.

For those of you who appreciate food, I'd like to recommend Ambrosia and Nectar. American Annemarie is now a dedicated Londoner and she really does know her food. She was weighing in with the insects last night with the rest of us, and no doubt you will shortly see a review of the restaurant on her blog.

Now, I'm off to find something to write about for 18DS, and then I shall be back. In the meantime, why not make TEBAF Margot happy and watch all of the exciting propaganda informative videos on the USSR EU Youtube Channel?

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Totally OT but I thought may be of interest:

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