Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Climate Change

There have been two excellent posts on Climate Change recently. The first is from Nosemonkey and, he is correct, it is not the position that I thought that he would hold.
As the G8 seems to be trying to focus on cutting emissions and the like, I’m going to set out my take on climate change, point by point. I imagine it’s different to what most people would expect, what with me being (very vaguely) a centre-left liberal - and I’m genuinely intrigued to know what it is I seem to be missing that makes me go against the current consensus.

Do go and read the whole, well-written and logical post; it pretty much lays out my own position but with more precision and less swearing.

The same can be said for Bishop Hill's deconstruction of the IPCC's dodgy-as-fuck science.
The consensus

The IPCC's assessment report is said to represent the consensus view of 2500 scientists. Who these scientists are and how they made their happiness with this alleged consensus clear is not known. The comments of reviewers on the draft IPCC reports cannot be reproduced, despite this contravening the IPCC's own rules. The public have to accept the existence of a consensus on trust.

Again, go and read the whole thing and, of course, follow the links.

And, in the name of all that's unholy, is you are a True Believer do the above before you start equating me to a Holocaust denier, OK? You might just look at the evidence and reconsider your position; I know that it's unlikely and that the science may baffle you slightly, but give it a go, do.

You may find that you sleep better at night.


Anonymous said...

Why worry about climate change, even if it were real? Those africanised bees will get us first. Then no more man-made CO2.
About from our rotting corpses.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was human-variant BSE that was going to do us in.

And 2012 is Mayan doomsday anyhow - I'm off to buy a SUV.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Guido F,

I thought it was human-variant BSE that was going to do us in.

Yes, it was and -- damn! -- but there was a massive concensus on that, eh? Unfortunately, we are now having to deal with prion-deniers too. I mean, how dare they? The concensus says that prions carry the disease even though the results have never been replicated and the infection path never identified...


Deogolwulf said...

"I thought it was human-variant BSE that was going to do us in."

Nah, it'll be SARS. No, wait, it'll be H5N1. Or the other one, whose name I forget. Or, you know, something else. Perhaps even CJD after all. Or a huge meteorite.

Anonymous said...


I seem to remember figures in the millions being bandied around. I see from the link you are an expert.

"Doomsday proclamations ... to secure vast amounts of public money"

Sounds familiar - doesn't it??

Devil's Kitchen said...

Doesn't it just! And the death toll was certainly supposed to be in the tens of thousands, if not the hundred thousands.

Total to date? Just over 150. And not all tested for the vCJD so it might have been standard CJD.

And people wonder why I'm sceptical about these climate change doomsday scenarios...


Anonymous said...

Please all read Vaclav Klaus' recent article in the FT, scroll down to his bullet points at the bottom.

Poetry, pure poetry.

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