Thursday, May 03, 2007

What 's your definition of a blog?

Via Iain Dale, I find that Stephen Tall has written an article on blogging for the Parliamentary Monitor magazine. It's really pretty good—assessing the advantages and risks for blogging MPs—and includes three blog definitions.
Blog (n.): an online journal written by publicity-hungry politicians and self-opinionated journalist manqués, commenting on current political affairs with scant regard to fact or fairness, and accountable to nobody save their small band of obsessive readers.

Blog (n.): an online journal written and/or read by anyone in the democratic world, providing them with a platform to address issues of concern to them, and which is transforming the relationship between modern citizens and the traditional governing and media elites.

And Stephen's concluding version...
Blog (n.): my space to write about whatever’s delighted or annoyed me that day, forcing me to arrange half-formed thoughts into something semi-coherent for public consumption, keeping my thinking fresh and up-to-the-mark.

I think that the third is also the nearest definition that I would favour too. What about the rest of you?

Another point that he raises in the article is that of statistics.
Bloggers tend to be a bit squeamish about ‘fessing up to exactly how many people read them.

Yes, although I am not sure squeamish is the best way of describing it; I think that highlighting how much traffic one gets is considered a little vulgar; a bit like bragging about your prowess between the sheets. Never mind, I'm going to do it anyway.

It was a good month for The Kitchen, with Statcounter recording 41,294 Page Loads and 31,646 Unique Visitors.

Sitemeter recorded 42,247 Page Loads and 28,396 Unique Visitors.

Obviously, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st were unusually good days, accounting for an extra 4,000 hits or so in total, not only because of the Telegraph article (and Melanie Phillips) linking to the Holocaust denial story, but also because The Inquirer picked up my post about the Beeb's DRM.

Your humble Devil is, as always, grateful for the patronage of his loyal readers and hopes to continue entertaining them for a while. I also hope that the blog revamp might encourage more people to visit once the site doesn't take 10 million years to load...


Chad said...

As we discussed before, it is very naughty to use an aggregate 'unique' visitor total for a month when it doesn't mean that at all, just the sum of the daily totals thus ignoring returning visitors.

Divide by the unique visitor total by the number of days in the month to get the realistic total!

You were until recently using a '12,000 unique visitors a week' figure for your site, but the new figures suggest a 40%+ fall. Why such a large drop do you think?

As for bragging, UKIPHome was getting 4,000 page loads a day, not bad for a blog less than a year old. How's independencehome doing..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've said many times that a blog is a conversation with one person, the blogger, being the centre of that conversation and the one who makes the agenda.

It's not commentary and it's not being a pundit, or politically correct or even polite. If something annoys you; vent your anger.

I have said here and on my own that Iain Dale is a right cunt and not a blogger at all because he is a party hack. He toes the party line, overtly, and tries to ensure he annpys no-one to remain in the party spotlight. That is not blogging and he is not a blogger.

Same for the BBC blogs; they are jumping on a bandwagon and are not blogs.

Keep it simple, comversational, and above all keep it real (not in the black twat 'hood sense)

Chris Abbott said...

Blogs are political, nostalgist (is that a word?), anorakist... all sorts of things. I'm fascinated by the huge range. Some tend to the factual, some tend to opinions, some tend to the crude, some tend to the whimisical, some...

I'm hooked on a whole raft of political blogs, but also a factual blog about 1980s news and pop culture which knocks the BBC's cult site into a cocked hat.

So much to see, so little time to lead my life...

bernard said...

In my experience bloggers are 'would-be' teachers who did'nt go to college, or, do not relish having a lot of people staring at them in a small room.
But I'm willing to bet that a disproportionate number of bloggers ARE teachers.

Anonymous said...

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