Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taking Liberties

Fuck me, it seems that some people have actually made a film about NuLabour's raping of our centuries-old civil liberties. I might wander along to see Taking Liberties in the cinema but only if I can get some prophylactic beta-blockers.

Also, I wonder if they have made any mention of the EU's role in the destruction of our system of Common Law, a fundamental plank of British civil liberties, in preparation for its supplantation with Roman Law?

Or made any connection with Blair's new measures— which embrace, amongst other things, the suspension of habeas corpus, the right not to be detained without charge, the presumption of innocence and the right to a trial by jury (none of these are present in the majority of Continental justice systems)—and how these accord with the harmonisation in justice systems that the EU desires?

Not if the blurb is anything to go by, but we shall see.

However, I expect it to be simply another shallow Blair-bashing: enjoyable but ignoring, as ever, the source of the infection. For, of course, if the EU is not the source, it really is remarkably convenient that all of these dangerous precedents are very helpful in helping to harmonise our justice system with that of the EU's.

In the meantime, have we decided on a date for the revolution yet? Oh, no, we just bottled it again, didn't we...


Roger Thornhill said...

Labour has forgotten that a government must only do things because it should, not because it can.

We need Rule of Law, not legislation, and a fundamental aspect of the Rule of Law is the freedoms that the English Common Law has enshrined.

Anonymous said...

FYI There is some further info on their site re magna Carta etc at Basics - detention

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