Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stop and quiz

Via the poor, little Greek boy, I see that John Reid is hell-bent on putting as much of the framework of a police state into place as possible before he, mercifully, fucks off.
The government is considering giving police officers across the UK "stop and question" powers under new anti-terror laws, says the Home Office.

Er... Does anyone remember that Identity Cards were not going to be compulsory to carry? You know, various Home office ministers pooh-poohed the idea that Britain was going to become some kind of jack-booted, totalitarian police state because you wouldn't actually have to carry your ID Card with you?

The proposal, allowing police to ask people about their identity and movement, is among measures being considered by Home Secretary John Reid.

So, is it just me that thinks that that promise about not having to carry your ID Card wasn't worth the paper that the lying cunt bastards didn't even bother writing it down on?

Ah, I'm almost looking forward to that glorious day when the police officer comes up to me and demands to see my "papers, please". For only then will I truly love Big Brother...

UPDATE: Tim Worstall sums up.
There you are, amiably wandering down the street, and if a policeman so wishes, he can not only stop and search you, he can insist that you divulge where you have been and where you are going. If you have more than £1,000 in cash on you it can be confiscated, you having to prove where you got it from and what you were going to do with it: for the assumption is that such cash amounts are the proceeds or enablers of crime and so the burden of proof reverses. Finally, if you keep silent John Reid wants this to be taken as proof of your guilt.

A free, happy and liberal land now, isn't it?

What the fuck is going on with this country? And when, exactly, are we going to rise up, hang all politicians from the nearest lamp-post and bring in our tiny libertarian state? Fucking hellski...


Roger Thornhill said...

My blog title was partly tongue-in-cheek. Now I am not so sure.

SHM said...

No, not ordinary lamp-posts. Spread a hundred of them evenly around the perimeter of the pitch at Wembley. Slow-hang the fuckers in batches of 100. Put all tickets for each 100-hangings event up for auction. May as well get back some of all that money they've wasted over the years.

Make a fortune!

I never give to charity - and once really fucking chewed out some fucker who tried to chug me in our town centre. I think it was Save the Children, actually.

After we've done the politicians, that lot can follow.

The Taliban did have the occasional good idea.

Anonymous said...

How about 'Citizens Stop & Serch' Just like Citizens Arrest only more fun. Just think we could all work for the good of our glourious nation without the bother of paying us. We could call them ... erm...Police Comunity Support Officers.. Hmmm Catchy...

Anonymous said...

'Search' Bugger this spellcheck.

Jackart said...


Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...