Friday, May 18, 2007

Samizdata on measuring "carbon footprints".
Your personal carbon is a sooty sin consumed of private desire. That expended by the good state managing you is essential, virtuous, too cheap to meter.

But of course, for the state is omniscient, omnipotent and all its works are for the good of the society that it nurtures and protects. Hadn't you heard?


Anonymous said...

Fuck Porsche is on the road on June 1st, and I will also have the Harley out now and again too.

The Mondeo will be saved for big trips.

If I had my way my carbon footprint would be stamped on their fat civil service arses.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nick M on Samizdata makes a good point that the energy and materials needed to make a new car vastly outweigh the petrol etc used during its life, so the longer you drive a car the better, however few miles to the gallon it does.

Does anybody know the actual stat's?

That would show up the government's efforts to persuade everybody to buy a new and hence "greener" car for the coutnerproductive nonsense that it surely is.

Mr. Hughes said...

God! That sort of servile wittering makes me want to vomit. The 'good state' indeed!
There is something very nasty about the current 'global warming' frenzy - I call it 'eco-fascism'. In fact, I have always been keen on recycling and saving energy, as a matter of common sense, but the one thing that's almost guaranteed to make me stop is someone trying to *force* me to do it and telling me I am 'wicked' if I don't. What's come over people in this country - have their spines been collectively removed, or what?

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