Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Racism in the police

Via Timmy, I see this outrageous piece of illiberal bollocks.
One of Britain's biggest police forces is investigating allegations that it has British National party members among its frontline officers, the Guardian has learned.

Greater Manchester police launched the investigation after complaints from its own officers, who say they saw colleagues at a BNP event to mark St George's Day.

The force vowed that any officer found to be a BNP member could be sacked.

Er, you fucking what? Look, the BNP are a bunch of far-Left, racist bastards but they are still a legal political party; how the hell can you be sacked from your job for belonging to a legal organisation?
Police officers are not allowed to be members of the BNP, which is widely seen as being racist and which has members with convictions for violence. The policy was passed by police chiefs three years ago. They say membership of the party is incompatible with officers' duties under race equality laws.

Er, right.
Ali Dizaei of the National Black Police Association, who is a chief superintendent in the Metropolitan police, called for an independent investigation: "It beggars belief that in today's police service we appear to have serving police officers who are members of the BNP."

OK, so the police don't want racists serving in their ranks.

Would someone then like to explain to me, precisely, how an organisation which determines whether you can join on the basis of your skin colour—which is, unless I am sorely mistaken, a racist policy and thus rather defines the National Black Police Association as a racist organisation—can criticise officers for (possibly) being members of the BNP?

And, whilst we are about it, did you know that you and I and all the other taxpayers actually fund the National Black Police Association? And did you know that the funding has actually been suspended whilst the Home Office probes the accounts for evidence of "improper activities"?

I object to funding unions and I certainly object to funding racist organisations: I would object to funding the BNP and I certainly object to funding the National Black Police Association. Given the fact that the organisation is overtly racist and, quite possibly, crooked, I would heartily recommend that Ali Dizaei shut his fucking face, frankly.


Anonymous said...

Beat me to this one DK... this is fucking racist and no doubt.

All that being said, why can't a copper be a member of the BNP anyways? It is fucking legal.

haddock said...

you will not be able to work for the prison service if you are/have been a member of an organisation that 'they' deem to be racist.
this is something the legal profession should look into.... suggest you try http://www.blacksolicitorsnetwork.co.uk/ or these

Anonymous said...

Look, the BNP are a bunch of far-Left, racist bastards

Far right actually ;-)

Devil's Kitchen said...

Nah, they're collectivists in favour of lots of renationalisation, etc. This would put them on the Left. This has been discussed numerous times.


British National Party member said...

The BNP is somewhat left wing economically but right wing socially. Im not a bastard either thank you very much.

The thing that got me about the story is that they were just alleged to be *there*, that's all. They are being hunted for singing pro British songs is all. On ST georges day!

See, have a look at this local link, it gives a bit more detail;


Anonymous said...

The argument for a police ban on BNP members would be more convincing if the police also banned membership of other political parties, too. Since 2005, police regulations ban BNP membership but not membership of the Communist party, Respect (a pretty flaky outfit too) nor membership of radical Islamist groups that sympathise with suicide bombers. Why? Is the BNP the sole repository of evil in our society?

It is said that BNP members won’t treat ethnic minority members of the public fairly. Maybe. But then, will a white victim of a mugging get much help from Supt Desai’s black police gang or will they have more important “hate crimes” cases to pursue?

It will be interesting to see if a dismissal follows the manchester investigation and whether there will then be a court case. Although the Government claims that the new police regulations are compatible with European Human Rights law, no one can be absolutely sure sure until it goes up through the courts.

My position is that each police force (sic) should judge its officers on their behaviour, not their opinions. They should discipline and, if necessary, dismiss officers who behave in a racist manner. The ban on the BNP membership is just just gesture politics. I believe it was introduced in 2005 in the aftermath of the Lawrence enquiry and the subsequent tightening up of the Race Relations Act in 2002 which required public bodies not only to prevent racial discrimination but also to promote good race relations. The new regulations seem to have been ACPO’s response. In reality it doesn’t it doesn't prevent racism -plenty of people can be racist without being BNP members.


haddock said...

If police are recruiting a truly representative mix of the population then why not 'racists'.... who by some definitions must be 90% of the population, ie aboriginal white english.....who are by habit, culture, and bitter experience; a tad racist and xenophobic.

Trixy said...

Why just stop there? If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Let's let it rest with a racist policy based on skin pigmentation, but go the whole hog and have quotas for hair colour, shoe size, music tastes....

There aren't any prison places if they do catch criminals anyway...

M V Smith said...

Far left as in National Socialists
Brown shirt/Red shirt two sides of the same anti human coin - should ban 'em all or none

Dick Turpin said...

I think this would be considered a “Politically Sensitive Activity”, i.e. becoming engaged, occupied or involved with the organisation of local and / or central government affairs, which may cause controversy with the way in which a Police Officer or Senior Member of Police Staff would discharge his or her duties.

From the Cumbia Constabulory Regulastions:

The restrictions imposed within this policy are prescribed by law and remain for the period in which Cumbria Constabulary employs the Police Officer or Police Staff member.
7.3.1 Membership of the British National Party
In accordance with the Constabulary’s Race Equality Scheme Cumbria Constabulary has a duty under the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, which requires the Constabulary, as a public authority, to:
• Eliminate unlawful discrimination
• Promote equality of opportunity and;
• Promote good relations between persons of different groups.

In line with the ACPO Statement 89/04, Membership of the British National Party, July 2004, and under the provisions of Regulation 6, Police Regulations 2003, Police (Conduct) Regulations 1999 and Police Staff Conditions of Service no Police Officer or member of Police Staff may be a member of an organisation whose constitution, aims, objectives or pronouncements contradict the general duty to promote race equality. This specifically includes the British National Party (BNP). It is anticipated that non-compliance will result in dismissal.
7.4 Breaches of Policy
In addition to non-compliance regarding membership of BNP outlined in Section 7.3.1 above, in determining whether a Police Officer or Police Staff member is in breach of this policy regard shall be paid to the following:
a) Whether the Police Officer or Police Staff member referred to a political party or to persons identified with a political party, or whether anything said by him or her, or relevant work, promotes or opposes a point of view identifiable as the view of one political party and not of another; and
b) Where the Police Officer or Police Staff member spoke or work was published as part of a campaign, the effect that the campaign appears to be designed to achieve.
Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action, which may lead to dismissal.

Many years ago, when I applied to join the police 'force', I was told that you could not be a member of ANY political party, not live in sin with your girlfriend and only senior officers could give Masonic handshakes in public toilets.

NB. I am not a serving officer.

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