Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Clueless: starring Jane Griffiths

Last night, your humble Devil was on 18DS with a former Labour MP called Jane Griffiths. Now, Jane has a blog and, in her latest entry, she finishes off with the following statement.
I never cease to be amazed that people can attribute views to others, without asking. What is wrong with asking what a person's views are?

Well, luckily, in this case, we don't need to. Last night, on Blogger TV, she happily described herself as a "Stalinist". Let us leave aside the outrage that it would have engendered had I declared myself to be an "unashamed Hitlerist" and procede to Jane's blog statement.
I am internationalist, anti-totalitarian and pro-democracy everywhere in the world. I also love life and fun.

Well, actually, she happily described how she voted for the Iraq war because she was an "interventionalist"; Stalin was too. He happily intervened in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary and numerous other places too. So at least Jane is consistent.

But how on earth can she describe herself as a Stalinist and "anti-totalitarian and pro-democracy"? The answer is that you can't; these things are incompatible. So, Jane, as requested, I'm asking you your views: are you a Stalinist or are you anti-totalitarian and pro-democracy? Which one of your claims is the lie, Jane?

(Now, I know that, having been a politician, you are probably not very adept at telling the difference between the truth and a lie, but won't you give it a go?)

Jane also couldn't see what all the fuss what about the victory of the so-called Metric Martyrs*. I assume that Jane is probably pro-EU: are you Jane? As a NuLabour supporter one must assume that she is and this would make total sense: after all, as a Stalinist, Jane must be heartily in favour of mass-murdering, unelected bureacracies.

Actually, Jane just came over as being slightly confused and out of her depth, politically. She was in favour of central planning, but also in favour of localism. She wanted local authorities to have more power, but wanted central government to keep a hold of the purse-strings.

Increasingly, I find that I less and less time and patience for the incoherent ramblings of the Left; they seem unable to grasp that the last hundred years or so has not only shown up their ideology to be utterly morally bankrupt, no matter how they lay claim to the opposite, but also totally inefficient: it just doesn't work.

How long can these fuckwits keep closing their eyes and ignoring this very crucial fucking point?

* Their victory is not as total as you might imagine. I shall write on it later, but check out Trixy's commentary.


Martin said...


Notwithstanding that the lady's Wikipedia entry describes her as a bankrupt rat fancier, she was also a Labour councillor while working as a foreign news editor for the BBC World Service.

Wonder how many Tory councillors they have working for them?

Bag said...

They can keep their eyes closed as long as we keep on voting them in. Which doesn't seem to be slowing down too much so they can keep going a bit longer just by continually changing a few policies and this time it will be OK.

verity said...

I was watching the programme last evening and I was baffled by Jane. Nothing she said made any sense.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I am sad enough to have watched most of it and you didn't swear once. I want my money back!

Anonymous said...

You are cllearly Llaurence Llwellyn-Bowen and you don't fool me that easy just by cutting the ruffles off a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Look Llaurence, the fact is that it's your brand of neo-fascist, every man for himself brand of politics that this country has rejected so completely...may be you should think of emigrating, I hear that they still like your way of thinking in Austria...

notcaitlinmoran said... his millionaire’s suit, white silk shirt and billowing great-coat, he looks like a cross between a Mafia don and the Cutty Sark… He’s surprisingly rugged in real life – quite hewn, and more Heathcliff than Sun King. But then of course, he does still looks dandy. It’s a slightly unsettling combination, like he could have you killed in a lot of very creative ways… - The Times, Caitlin Moran, Friday 4th March 2005
There's several quotes from Moran. You must've tickled her fancy, Llaurence. Nice photos on the gallery.

chris said...

Anybody responsible for millions of deaths is a monster, if it was a joke about being a Stalinist it was in about as good taste as trying "a funny thing happened on my way to the Nuremburg rally ...". But why is it that she would even think of making it? Lefty monsters (and lets face it there are a lot of them) like Stalin always seem to get a get out of hell free card.

jane said...

it wasn't a joke. and don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia - there can be bollocks in there you know. Why so cross Kitchen? Didn't you like it when I stroked your knee? Since you ask, I am a European - I think there is a lot of democratising that needs to be done in European institutions. I would call myself left of centre but I have never been on the left of the Labour Party.


Democracy?from a failed mp who refused to discuss any issue with me, on the grounds that "we would not agree"and who went even further in an email by stating categorically that she was not at westminster to represent my views,rather she was there to decide what was in my best interests.This creature is a "unreconstructed fascist" if anything, and the best place for her is zimboonia.

Guido Faux said...

"don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia"

Hmm OK but you didn't really answer the question - did you?

Did you describe yourself as a "Stalinist" on Blogger TV?

In your blog About Me you describe yourself as "anti-totalitarian" but are happy to admit to being "authoritarian".

Are we to assume that you don't consider Stalin to be a totalitarian but merely an authoritarian?

Merseymike said...

Jane Griffiths was deselected by her local party - and its not easy to do that. She is a maverick, and not representative of the mainstream left, irrespective of whether you agree with her or not.

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