Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Burnham is a braindead bore

Andy 'Spiv' BurnhamThe thought of Andy Burnham droning on in his nasal monotone really is one of the most fucking irritating things known to humankind. After only a couple of words the image of an itchy festering blackhead, pert with slimey puss pops into my head, the greasy little bastard just needs to be violently put out of its misery. However Burnham has not been stopped yet, amazingly the little shit is tipped for a place in Gordon Brown's cabinet. Burnham has been back to his cretinous best recently:
"We resist any call to make the NHS a slimmed-down, emergency service, because that's what it would become if we started rationing care. The only losers would be the poorest people. The NHS should continue to be comprehensive and universal."

Utter toss. The NHS is quite clearly a rationed service already, what fucking planet is the little toad on? NICE is one of the government's vehicles for rationing, political control here is already manipulating genuine clinical priorities thanks to Labour. There are bloody thousands of examples of patients not being able to access effective treatments thanks to short sighted political imperatives. Hewitt was given a spit roasting here on Sky on this precise issue and couldn't convince with her lame answers.

The most dangerous thing is that thanks to Labour's woeful mismanagement of the NHS, billions of pounds have been wasted in setting up and controlling an internal market from the top down. As the market is micromanaged from the top, the benefits of a more genuine bottom up market are absent and a shit load of cash is spent managing this mess. These are billions of pounds that could have been used to pay for effective treatments that are currently withheld by PCTs. Rationing is present in all health care systems, anyone who says otherwise is lying. Even private health care providers ration, some treatments are just not cost effective enough to dish out willy nilly.

Whatever the ins and out of rationing, Burnham is a fucking spoon to be claiming the above. I despair that this acharismatic boneheaded weasel is climbing up the government chain of command so fast. He has been caught manipulating the truth before, while his record as an incompetent speaks for itself. No knowledge of skills are needed to become a politician, just an ethusiasm for speaking endless fucking bullshit while pretending to care. I've stopped caring what they say, they must be judged on their actions; so far, Mr Burnham's actions show him to be yet another pustulent New Labour pressure sore eroding its way down to the previously healthy boney spine of our society.


verity said...

In the photo, he looks quite a bit like Lord Browne's ex-boyfriend, Jeff Chevalier.

Roger Thornhill said...

yet another pustulent New Labour pressure sore eroding its way down to the previously healthy boney spine of our society.

This is not the first time I have had to remark on your fence-sittnig, DK...

Mark Wadsworth said...

That Sky clip is a classic, esp. where Adam Boulton calls her a fascist and refuses to retract.

Anonymous said...

One of the first rea; flame wars I had in the blogosphere was with some fucking mong who said that care on the NHS had always been rationed, and I explained to him that it had not been, at least not until Labour scum mongs had taken over in 1997.

Of course there was a row until I explained that the rationing had never taken place because there had been a waiting list for whatever, and while you were on the list you were going to get your treatment...only not very quickly.

Now Bliar and Labour have tried desperately to get rid of the waiting lists to make them look competent, but instead have introduced rationing .

Anonymous said...

I should add too that as a non-smoker I deplore the NHS denying smokers, or drinkers, or heavy eaters any treatment because of their addiction or over indulgence, primarily because they have paid for their treatment through massively increased taxes.

A smoker, on an average 30 fags a day, pays payes getting on for £2000 a year in tax alone on those fags, and the same for eating or drinking.

Without smoking, drinking and over indulging the tax take would be pitiful and the NHS would fucking well collapse altogether. These people have paid the price of their treatment.

verity said...

Yes, Shotgun, and I note that there is no Opt Out clause for people who wish to continue to smoke, and/or drink and/or eat fatty or sugary foods.

As long as there is no opt-out on the premium-payers' side, I don't know how there can be an opt-out on the providers' side.

Of course, anything's possible under communism. Except getting out.

When they voted for Blair, they voted for communism and one-worlderism, but its face was smoke, mirrors and a fancy front man.

steppenwolff said...

Mr Burnham is quite attracetive in a dirty kind of way. Definitely doable.

verity said...

Steppenwolff - just like Jeff Chevalier, Lord Browne's piece. Google Jeff Chevalie and he looks almost identical to this fellow. Seriously.

Steve said...

I don't see what you are so excited about. He sounds like the very model of a modern Labour politician. If he were not thus there is little chance he would get into Brown's cabinet. There, along with his colleagues, he will retain the dumb dogma that sustains them all and enact a series of idiotic measures to further impoverish us. Emigration or assassination? That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Would the good devil care to identify a country that spends less of its GNP on health yet provides a better service than the NHS.

I'm sure he will appreciate from OECD stats that we lag miles behind the US, for example, and spend far less than Switzerland, France or Germany.

Anyway, a far higher proportion of the public could achieve reasonable health by accepting few simple and well publicised facts.

I'm not telling any body what to do, of course, but lifelong smokers and boozers are at much greater risk of cardiovascular disease [strokes/MI, etc], cancer and COPD.

While the risk associated with salt & sugar addiction combined with couch potato syndrome is exemplified in rates if childhood obesity and type II diabetes in later life.

I'm sure AB is just another odious greasy pole climber, but it doesn't alter the fact that a substantial element of ill health is self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

Above comment by the A&E Charge Nurse

Devil's Kitchen said...

Charge Nurse,

Always a pleasure. As you'll note, the above was written by one of my colleagues, Garth Marenghi.

You are, of course, correct that smokers and drinkers do more harm to their body, but this is one of the problems.

The contract is that we pay taxes and we get treated. That's it.

As you know, I would prefer a system whereby at least some of the costs are paid for by the patient (probably through insurance).

This would allow people at least partially liable for their lifestyle choices; smokers, drinkers and couch potatoes would pay more. Thus, they may appreciate, directly, that their health care costs more too.


Garth Marenghi said...

the points you make are indeed valid; it is very true that we have spent a much smaller percentage of our GDP on health for many many years, thus expecting quick fixes that will help us catch up other countries who have invested more is very unrealistic.

the point I want to make with Labour and the NHS is that they have spent the extra cash amazingly badly, the endless reorganisations and top down approaches are so wasteful.

if the money had been better spent so that some of the cash actually reached the frontline services, rather than being wasted on setting up a bizarre fixed internal market, then we could have a much much better health system than we currently do.

ps to people who claim that some healthcare isn't rationed - can I have an example? Every private insurance policy will have limits as to what it will pay for, I have yet to see this utopian exception.

Garth Marenghi said...

anonymous, I didn't mean to add the e, apologies

Anonymous said...

Would the good devil care to identify a country that spends less of its GNP on health yet provides a better service than the NHS.

Would the charge nurse like to tell us of which country takes more from their citizens in direct health taxation instead of instigating an insurance scheme or opt out?

Many countries spend more, but only because the people have a choice and choose to.

Anonymous said...

Countries spend more, only because people have a choice and choose to;

So do you shotgun, so do you - BUPA, AXA, even good old TESCO offer as much private insurance as your wallet can stand.

Then there are the private A&Es like casualty plus - the meter starts running with a medical consultation, that will be £59 sir, a plastercast, lets call that £49, crutches ? certainly sir, a mere £39 to you, of course x-rays and blood tests are available we can discuss prices after your blood pressure has settled down.

But don't worry the NHS is gradually being handed over to the profiteers, PFIs, ITCs are just the tip of the iceberg.

The sagacious garth marenghi, is absolutely spot on in my book, a desperately needed cash injection for the NHS has been pissed against the wall by pathological meddlers who would not know the difference between cellulitis and cellulite.

the A&E Charge Nurse

Anonymous said...

Exactly charge nurse, and those countries have a culture of paying their way and choose indeed to spend more. Other countries couldn't give a shite how the clinical excelllence is achieved; they just get it achieved.

We in the UK have a culture that dictates that the NHS is god and the Government runs god, and it doesn't work. Change the culture of the UK and the NHS can grow and prosper, but it won't happen under the influence of ideological morons like there are in the Labour party.

Ideology is killing the NHS, and patients with it.

Tom Welsh said...

"...amazingly the little shit is tipped for a place in Gordon Brown's cabinet".

What's amazing about that? Surely he'll feel right at home.

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