Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SNP: Socialist Nutcase Pillocks

As the confusion in Scotland continues and the SNP look increasingly likely to form a minority government with the Greens, Ministry of Truth turns his gaze on the SNP's Manifesto.
... the key thing for Tories to note is that when they’re not writing manifestos for the illiterate, what the SNP are talking about is much the same kind of Scandinavian-model social-democratic system that Polly Toynbee thinks is the dog’s bollocks.

Wee 'Eck Salmond has, of course, pointed to the Nordic countries as being places that Scotland should emulate. Mind you, he's pointed to Ireland as being another. Which would lead me to conclude—even had Unity not ripped apart their manifesto quite so comprehensively—that the SNP have no idea what they're playing at.

The point that Unity makes, though, is that Tories voted for the SNP in order to screw NuLabour and that, having looked at the SNP manifesto, they might be regretting their decision. However, I'm not so sure.

Since the Scottish Tories had absolutely no chance of winning and—unlike the LibDems, for instance—no chance of anyone wanting to form a coalition with them, it may be that Tories in Scotland have decided that the only way that Scotland will ever get a right-leaning government again is encourage the Left to bankrupt the country utterly.

On the other hand, of course, it may be that we will simply end up with gridlock at Holyrood, as the poor little Greek boy notes.
Frankly, though, even if a minority administration is the final outcome (and let's not rule out a change of heart over the next few days) it's a scenario I can live with. If "gridlock" at Holyrood means fewer illiberal and unnecessary laws being foisted on the rest of us, as David Farrer noted the other day, then perhaps something good may have come of this tram-smash of an election, after all. Of course it also means, on the debit side, a much diminished possibility of any real change in the way we're governed - but most of the potential changes on the menu weren't ones I'd have welcomed anyway.

And, of course, as he similarly points out, there is another option again.
If agreement cannot be reached - and if a first minister is not in place by 30th May, which is very unlikely but not completely impossible - there would have to be fresh elections. See you all back here in June?...

Iain Dale seems to think that this is not an option that Wee Eck would shy away from either.
So if I were Alex Salmond, I would be distinctly unconcerned by the lack of progress in forming a government. I'd bide my time, make the other parties look unreasonable, and then 28 days later, ask the Scottish people what they think.

That, of course, would be an interesting situation. Do you think that we see a repeat of the vote-counting farce?

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