Thursday, April 26, 2007

Was Heath gay?

I tend to think not: after all, would anyone of either sex fuck that failure? The Appalling Strangeness points out that, really, who gives a shit and then gives a brilliant precis of what we should care about.
I would describe Ted Heath as a miserable failure as Tory Leader, Prime Minister and Elder Statesman. As Tory leader he lost all bar one General Election that he led the party into. As Prime Minister, his greatest achievement was taking the country into Europe which will always be a controversial and deeply subjective definition of achievement*. Aside from that, he had to implement the three day week, did nothing to stop the mounting problems in Ireland, did nothing to halt the decline of Britain into the unenviable condition of being the "sick man of Europe" and ultimately had his ample butt kicked by the miners. In his career (if such a word can be used) after his time in Number 10, he proved himself to be a boring, bitter old fart who constantly carped and bitched at his successors as Tory leaders, undermining them often at times when they needed support rather than criticisms. He hung around in the Commons for far too long and, according to one rumour I heard back in my days in the Tory party, only stood down when his constituency threatened to de-select him. When you sit down and review his record, his only real triumph was beating Wilson in the 1970 General Election and thus giving the UK a brief respite from having a vacant, pseudo-socialist, spineless arsehole of a man with an affected Yorkshire accent as Prime Minister.

Yup, that pretty much sums him up, the fat old cunt. Oh, and I agree with this footnote too.
*I remember a conversation I had with one Tory activist who stated Heath was a traitor, and should be hanged. I pointed out that Heath was already dead, and therefore hanging him would probably be a total waste of time. But no, this activist wanted Heath's corpse digging up and then hung, a little like Mussolini. I pointed out that this sounded all a little counter-productive and more than a tad distasteful, but he was having none of it. Just goes to show that Heath is hated by members of his own party for selling out. And, God willing, one day the same will happen to young "Hug A Husky" Cameron.

Dig him up and dismember him, Cromwell style. The man was not simply a traitor to his party, he was a traitor to this country, deliberately lying about the aims of the EEC—he knew all along that a federal superstate was the end point—and giving away our sovereignty in a breathtakingly bad deal.

Ted Heath was the man that the phrase "total fucking cunt" was invented for. I hope he died in pain; and I mean that.


Anonymous said...

Something else has always puzzled me about Heath's background. I once saw an item on the TV news that said he had commanded a firing squad during his WW2 service. In this BBC report from 2001 ..

It says he sentenced a soldiers execution by firing squad after the soldier was convicted of rape.

But I have never come across any other mention of the British army using firing squads during WW2. Yes you could be hung for treason or murder but I didn't think rape was a capital offence during that period. Although it was for American servicemen who were hanged for this.

Can anyone shed any light on this ?
It seems to be the only mention of Heath's military service.

Blognor Regis said...

Hyperbole aside, he did win the Sydney to Hobart yachy race which is quite an achievement. Especially for a beginner.

Arthurian Legend said...

I distinctly recall telling someone that that's what I thought should happen to Heath (though I think I included bits about his body being dragged through the streets as well).

Who is this Appalling Strangeness fellow? Is it I that he is quoting? If not me, then there must be other like-minded chaps around. Good.

Anonymous said...

I will never forgive that smiling git for getting us into common market ,I always wished pianoman's yatch would sink and take him with it ,for me he's the start of what's happened to this country today.

JuliaM said...

"And, God willing, one day the same will happen to young "Hug A Husky" Cameron."

Hear, hear! Let's not wait until he's dead, either....

David B. Wildgoose said...

I started loathing Ted Heath when he decided to abolish our historic (over 1000 years old) counties.

All part of a deliberate plan to weaken our connections to our localities in preparation for the Euro-Regions later agreed by that Welsh "Prat from Prestatyn" John Prescott.

Anonymous said...'t like him then?
You don't mention the latest euro con artist....Sorry but I just can't bring myself to type his name!
A clue!.... its the smiling pratt who tells lots of lies with the ugly wife!

C4' said...

Damn right! I hate Heath, only Adolf Blair was worse than Heath!

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

C'mon DK... I was hoping to have read something about Alcohol Concern's fuckwit demands to outlaw alcohol at home for under-15s!

I'd e-mail them a simple 'fuck off', but I'm too chicken-shit :(

Roger Thornhill said...

Heath gay? Old news - I was told that by by Chem teacher in 1981.

As for alcohol, I see it as more reason to invade the home and micromanage. Alcohol Concern are the ones who seem to have been at the bottle!

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