Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quote Of The Day Seconded

Via Samizdata, a brilliant comment, by tkehler, on this CiF article.
I think this whole episode proves that - as usual - Noam Chomsky is correct: The West will lie about everything.

These marines were not patrolling, they were probably planting WMDs on board Arab vessels on behalf of "Hallel"burton. Mr. Ajehhijihad, Ajamaamadad, Arimenmejood, well, however what's-his-name's name is pronounced (we arrogant Westerners rarely take the time to learn the names of foreign dignitaries), is the true Nobel prize candidate here.

He treated these 'sovereignty violators' with courtesy and decency, even giving what's-her-name (the non-male, Fay something) her own Islamic scarf ... because Her Royal Navy is presumably too racist to supply one. Anyhow, I'm glad this is all over, and that it ended in a way that proves my theory that if you are sufficiently patient and obsequious, the so-called tyrants of the world will see the light of reason, if you give them enough apologies.

And if that wasn't good enough, tkehler has another go further down.
And another thing, further to my remarks above.

The Leader of Iran -- Mr. Ahamabullyjihad -- was very respectful of his detainees. Instead of treating them like the Americans treat their innocent detainees, Mr. Ajarahatamad (as I've said before, we culturally ignorant Westerners rarely bother to learn the spelling, let alone the proper pronounciations, of foreign leaders' names, even when they invite our fellow citizens in for some mint tea) didn't even throw them into the Persian equivalent of Abu Grab prison, which is certainly what Mr. Bush would do if he found some Iranians fishing in Puget's Sounds. For shame, Mr. Bush, for shame.

It's a cracker!

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