Thursday, April 12, 2007

Simply amazing

Muktah Said Ibrahim: not so much "amazing" as "amazingly fucking stupid"...

Via The Nameless One, if you were testing whether or not a 2kg bomb was going to explode, would you stand next to it?
One of the alleged 21 July bombers must have been "very, very sure" that a device he claimed to have tested in a flat would not explode, a court heard.

Expert Hans Michels said Muktar Ibrahim's story of detonating 2kg (4.5lb) of main charge to check no-one would be hurt was "amazing".

Mr Ibrahim has admitted making the homemade hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour devices, but insisted none of them was capable of causing injury.

I don't quite understand why he would want to do that
Prof Hans Michels

The London court was earlier told that he attempted to detonate the charge at the flat in New Southgate, north London, to make sure of this.

Asked for his views of this claim, Hans Michels, professor of safety engineering at Imperial College London, said: "If he tested something which had 2kg of explosives and he wanted to survive that, he must have been very, very sure that it wasn't going off."

I don't really think that Mr Ibrahim's claim is amazing: I think that it's the biggest load of fucking horseshit that I've heard since Princess Toni told us all he was a pretty straight kinda guy. Is that really the best that the defence could come up with?

Having said that, Ibrahim doesn't exactly look like the sharpest tool in the box, eh?


fido said...

Just look at that face, hell the only way that is ever going to get laid is with the 72 virgins in the afterlife.

Methinks that is what you get when you let brothers and sisters marry.

kris said...

Mukhtar: why did you tape nails and washers around your bomb? Was that for the "hoax" way the "fake" explosion would spray shrapnel into everyone in sight?

Anonymous said...

Actually I think he will be getting laid quite a bit in prison, although the Koran takes a dim view of that sort of thing so I understand.

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