Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scousers should pay reparations

The gloriously un-PC PigDogFucker does a Boris and demands that slavery reparations be paid by Liverpool. In the worst possible taste of course.
Since Scousers, despite being in a theoretically better position than most people in the North [*] whine a lot about everything [**], it would be delightful to see them being held personally responsible for the real, rather than made-up-and-whined-about-in-an-irritating-accent suffering of the victims of the slave trade. Maybe we could even enslave, whip and torture the fuckers.

[*] in the UK we don’t make much anymore, but we import a fuck of a lot. Because Scouse dockers are lazy incompetent fucktards, even importing goods to the North of England is now done by making detours to Southampton, Harwich or Rotterdam Europort.

[**] see: footballing death event where Scousers are documented to have urinated and robbed the dead bodies of other Scousers. This is an absolutely true fact. Anyone who mentions it – like (the idiot) Boris Johnson and (the surprisingly praiseworthy, if only for standing up to the Whiny Scouse Cunt lobby) Kelvin McKenzie – gets pilloried, but it is true. If you deny that the bodies of Liverpool supporters were urinated on and robbed by other Liverpool supporters at the Hillsborough disaster, you are a liar and in denial. Most Scousers are liars and in denial.

He is, of course, quite correct about the thieving urinators. Perhaps we should nuke Liverpool to get, as The Nameless One said, our money's worth out of Trident before we renew it.

I regard Liverpool as being a bit like Dundee: I've met a lot of people who have come from both places, but never anyone who actually wants to go back to either...


Surreptitious Evil said...

Dundee is well worth the occasional visit - if only to stock up at Braithwaites, the best tea and coffee shop in the country (or anywhere else I have been).


Anonymous said...

April 1st joke DK ,your mate needs to check his history.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Dundee..and you are so right DK; a visit once every ten years or so and that is enough of that shithole.

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