Monday, April 23, 2007

Rationing TV

And yet another bloody doctor sticking his fucking face in where it's not wanted.
The amount of time children spend watching television should be rationed to prevent health and learning problems, an expert will tell MPs.

Children under three should watch no TV, psychologist Dr Aric Sigman will argue at a conference in Westminster.

He also believes there should be no TV sets in children's bedrooms and that new mothers should be warned of the dangers of excessive viewing.

Really? I'm sure that'll make a big fucking difference.
Dr Sigman said: "Screen media must now be considered a major public health issue and reducing television viewing must become the new priority for child health."

Personally, I think that Dr Sigman should take his bee and his bonnet and fuck off.

Yes, people do watch too much television, I'm sure. But the fact is that those who let their children watch that much television are not going to take the blindest bit of notice of the government, Dr Sigman or anybody else.


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