Thursday, April 12, 2007

NuLabour still unable to define "private"...

Michael "I've got considerably more property than yeeoow" Meacher, looking like a total cunt, yesterday...

When will these NuLabour bastards learn that private means private? And a private company can pay its outgoing boss precisely what it wants to.
Labour leadership contender Michael Meacher has called on BP shareholders to try to block a multi-million pound payoff for departing boss Lord Browne.

Mr Meacher, a former government minister, estimates the BP boss could get up to £72m when he leaves in July, although it is likely to be less.

And precisely what fucking business is it of yours, Meacher, you cunt?
"I call on BP shareholders to reject this grotesque pay-off," said Mr Meacher.

Well, maybe they will and maybe they won't: whatever they do, the renumeration for those working in private companies is a private matter for the company and its shareholders: the government should not be getting involved at any level.
"We need to end the situation where city bosses set each other's rewards.

"The remuneration committees that decide on chief executive pay should include representatives from the shop floor, to inject a sense of reality."

Erm: most people working at BP get significant amounts of shares (I know several people who work for the comapany. One poor bastard's stuck in Angola for three years) so I think that you might find that there are significant number of people on "the shop floor" voting on this (if they can be arsed).

As for this bit:
We need to end the situation where city bosses set each other's rewards.

How about we amend that a wee bit, eh?
We need to end the situation where civil servants set each other's rewards.

We need to end the situation where MPs vote on their own rewards.

Go fuck yourself, Meacher, you hypocritical twat-monkey. Why don't you go and redecorate one of your houses.

With the aid of your brains and a shotgun.


Anonymous said...

Well, yes. At least those in Private Industry have done something. Private Sector people, those in the bureaucracy anyway, do nothing.

My County Council made 2 staff redundant on the grounds that they did sweet fa ; cost 1/4 million each in redundancy payments.

And in todays paper. my district council giving redundancy way over the odds.

In brief summary ; if you are made redundant you are entitled to (very roughly) one months salary for every year worked. However, this salary is capped at about £280, so the most you can get for redundancy is about 40 times this ; with other multipliers it tops out at about £15,000. This is the maximum anyone is *entitled* to ; everything else is a discretionary handout.

Breckland DC pay way more than this ; firstly they ignore the cap, secondly they give the redundant staff three times as much cash for no apparent reason. It's our f***** money they're handing out as well !

Soddball said...

You might also be interested to learn, DK, that Michael Meacher voted for the 2006 Communications bill, where MPs awarded themselves £10,000 in expenses to 'communicate better'.

I'm sure Mr Meacher wouldn't like it if his shop floor started voting on his pay awards and benefits.

Roger Thornhill said...
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Roger Thornhill said...

As I have long thought, Hypocracy, thy name is Socialism

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...