Monday, April 23, 2007

Miliband's bribe?

It seems that David Miliband has not only said that he will not run for leader, but that he is actively voting for The Gobblin' King.
Environment Secretary David Miliband has announced that he will vote for Gordon Brown as Labour leader.

His declaration will be seen as giving a boost to the chancellor, the favourite to succeed Tony Blair.

When Mr Miliband told the BBC on Tuesday that he did not intend to run for the top job, critics said he had left himself room to change his mind.

But he tries to remove any uncertainty when he writes in The Observer: "I will vote for Gordon Brown".

Upon receiving a tip-off from my mole at DEFRA a couple of days ago, I speculated that the DTI would be abolished and that Batshit would get, amongst other things, the Energy portfolio; this would allow him to really get to grips with making us all poorer, ensuring that the lights go out and all for a delusion his Green Crusade.

Interestingly, on Friday I was speaking to an acquaintance who works at the DTI: he too had heard the rumours that it was going to be dissolved; he too thought it likely that Energy would go to DEFRA.

So, has Batshit been given a sweetener?

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