Friday, April 06, 2007

"Look, mum, I've got some magic beans!"

"Come now, Gordon; that is indeed a white coat, but the one I had in mind has longer—much longer—sleeves..."
Oh no, the Gobblin' King really isn't getting a good press at all at the moment, is he?

Not content with giving more of our hard-earned cash to some Africans, our Cyclopean Chancellor has just ceded more of the rebate to the EU. Thanks a fucking bunch, Gordo.
After many false starts, the Treasury said ahead of the budget that it had finally won support from other EU states for the introduction of the so-called reverse charge, which makes VAT payable only by the final link in the supply chain for mobile phones and computer chips - the two goods most prone to carousel fraud.

France, which had blocked Britain's demands for the VAT derogation despite Mr Brown securing the support of the European commission, conceded in March that Britain could use "reverse charging" to combat fraud. But Paris has consistently demanded an end to the chèque britannique, negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984.

As a result of yesterday's deal, Mr Brown in effect accepted a further cut in Britain's fluctuating rebate, worth on average £2.5bn a year, in return for being allowed an exemption from VAT rules allowing Customs & Revenue to charge the tax only at the final stage of the commercial process to staunch fraud that costs the Treasury about £5bn a year.

What the fuck? I thought that maybe, just maybe, despite the fact that he's an evil demon from the sixth level of the Dungeon dimensions, I thought that Brown—being the avaricious little shit that he is—might at least be relied upon to keep a tight talon on our cash, but it appears not.

What is bizarre about this is that VAT is an EU tax. So we have had to pay in order to get other countries to agree to close down a fraud that is causing massive cuts in the revenues of all states in the EU. So how does that work, for fuck's sake?

Further, as EU Referendum points out, this is a bit of a surprise anyway.
The ridiculous thing is that the VAT changes were all supposed to have been agreed in December last.
It seems to me that all that Gordon has really done is, as usual, given the British taxpayer a big, clunking fisting. Without lube.

Thanks a bunch, you one-eyed bastard.


james higham said...

I can think of a better caption for the photo but it's unprintable.

Roger Thornhill said...

despite the fact that he's an evil demon from the sixth level of the Dungeon dimensions

That he might be, but the EU is stuffed full of creatures from the 9th...

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