Friday, April 06, 2007

I enjoyed this extract from the Further Misadventures of Bawdy Doctor S. Graham, written by a Facebook friend...
I have fallen madly in love with Bess. In the morning, I write fifteen songs, twelve sonnets, four highly-satirical comedy sketches and a novella about her. All of these I immediately burn in a fit of pique. O! She is an angel. But will our love last? Can she tolerate my whims and occasional bouts of madness?

Bess has left me. She was unable to tolerate my whims and occasional bouts of madness. I am devastated. I throw myself into my work and soon forget about her. In fact, when she rings at three o'clock, I cannot remember who she is. I think she might be someone from the gas board and I swear at her in a rage. Afterwards, there are tears.

It made me laugh, anyway...

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