Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today's attack in Baghdad might just be the jihadists' Doolittle Raid; the kind of direct strike at an enemy's heart that only a combatant absolutely sure of his cause's righteousness and absolutely confident of his cause's ultimate victory would even attempt. If it is then our 19 year olds should be brought home from Iraq immediately; the cause is lost, and the New World Order has already slaughtered enough of them.
Don't even bother retorting with anything about the jihadists, the Iranians, the Sadrists, the Saddoes or whatever other bunch of medievalist whackadoo savages the war has brought out the woodwork in a faraway country of which we know little, and the more of which we see the less we care to know. Joanna Yorke Dyer, Kris O'Neill, Eleanor Dlugosz and Adam Smith would not now be dead had the adventurism, arrogance and messianic self-regard of Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell not contrived to lie us into a war we did not need to fight; a slaughter of innocents which could not have been effected without the express consent of Gordon Brown.
Having wrought pain and death on strangers, the war liars and war mongers see no shame in moving their careers on to the next level - and giving their girlfriends' good jobs in the process. Not that we have ever felt as if we are at war - there have been no calls for austerity, no calls for discarded items to be handed in for the war effort; and no attempts to seal our borders.
It is hard not to believe that we no longer have what it takes to repel a direct assault upon our nation; our synthetic, manufactured culture of rampant individualism, a culture which sees nothing wrong with cranks, mental cases better off either in hospital or under the lobotomist's knife, walking naked through the streets would just snap back in its slovenly, degraded speech, 'Who are you to tell me what to do?'
No nation truly at war complains about restrictions on its travel; if the cancellation of all flights to Egypt and Turkey, countries where jihadists have killed British officials and holidaymakers, were to be proposed the response would be selfish uproar.
Accordingly no nation truly at war would regard the cost of using a piece of equipment its citizens don't have to buy, and which can only be used after they freely enter a contract, as being of any consequence.
And no nation truly at war would ever, ever contemplate mass immigration.
Perhaps we are not at war, but we are in an endgame; ours might be slower and less violent than that of the Iraqis (at this stage, at least), but it's an endgame still the same.


JuliaM said...

"Perhaps we are not at war, but we are in an endgame.."

An uncharacteristically bleak post.

Don't you see any brighter future for Iraq, or for the WEst?

Martin said...


The way things are going, I'm afraid not.

But we'll go under with cheap roaming calls.

james higham said...

Yes, one of Martin's bleaker ones. bleaker than moi, in fact.

MuseinMeltdown said...

At least someone will be able to ring home without fear of a large bill, just before the world is extinguished.

Our priorities really are skewed aren't they.

Thanks for posting. Shani

Anonymous said...

For anyone who might be interested.

dizzy said...

the phone charges thing is actually something worthwhile in my opinion. The practice of interconnect charges across European telco network is totally screwed in my view.

Yes, there is the contract and you agree to it. But that doesn't mean that the way the euro telco's appear to have the market stitched up is right either.

Orange are the classic example, owned by France Telecom yet the interconnect charge between the UK and France is stupid and whiolly unjustified given the network is actually solely owned by one provider.

As for the war in iraq, you sound almost left wing DK. Shame on you!

Ian said...

Were you drunk when you posted this witter? What has the naked rambler's activism got to do with Iraq or mobile phones?

Anonymous said...

Devil says:
'In a faraway country of which we know little'.
Iraq has the largest concentration of oil on earth; oil contracts are being handed out to Anglo-American corporations - what more do we need to know ?

Don't be suprised if the Iranian oil fields are gobbled up - look how easy it was for the Brits and Yanks to illegally invade then occupy Iraq.

Dwindling natural resources on a planet that has 6 billion people, with projections of almost 8 billion by 2050 - you can't blame the jihadists for that can you ?

the A&E Charge Nurse

Michaelcd said...

Ian said: "What has the naked rambler's activism got to do with Iraq".

Activism? Are you having a laugh?

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...