Thursday, April 19, 2007

DTI to be abolished?

Now, it is gradually becoming accepted that Batshit really doesn't want to stand as leader; I had ascribed this to the fact that DEFRA, through the green agenda, is going to be one of the most powerful departments in the government: Miliband's policies will even dictate to the Treasury.

However, my DEFRA mole has emailed me some even more interesting information.
Rumours are going round regarding the impending demise of the DTI... and if that happens Defra gains Energy (could that be why Miliband is not standing... he's been bribed)?

Indeed, this would be an interesting situation. The Department of Trade and Industry has been remarkably quiet of late; in fact, I had to look up who was Secretary of State (it's Alistair Darling). The fact is that the DTI has very little to do these days, since energy and trade policy are being almost entirely dictated by the "green" agenda: this means, effectively, that it is ultimately being decided by the unholy pairing of Miliband and the EU.

Both environment and trade policy are ultimately controlled by the EU and the latter is an area in which it is flexing its muscles. Whilst already in total control of the trade policy of its 27 member states, the EU has talked about criminalising "green crimes"—which would include pollution by companies, etc.—and also about having an EU-wide central energy policy (controlled, naturally, by the EU itself). With Miliband being such a fan—making the suggestion, amongst other things, that we rebrand it the "Environmental Union"—this would fit in nicely, eh?

Bloody hell, I know that this sounds a wee bit paranoid, but we're being stitched up like fucking kippers.

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