Monday, April 02, 2007

Better Off Out

An email from anti-UKIP wingnut, insult-bandying troublemaker, conspiracy theorist lunatic and supporter of political assassination, Greg Lance-Watkins, has come to my attention. Mr Lance-Watkins points out that, despite standing for election to the UKIP National Executive Committee, I have not signed up to Better Off Out.
Similarly Chris Mounsey is not listed as a supporter which is surprising as he boasts of turning up when there are drinks to be had but his juvenile showing off with the vocabulary of an open sewer would hardly bring gain to any but the befouled.

He is quite right: I hadn't signed up because there seemed little point: it is not as though people would peruse the list and say, "Fucking great—that sweary bastard, DK, has signed up: now I know it's worth supporting!"

Anyway, on having a quick scan through and noting that Timmy has signed up, I have done so too. It really goes without saying that I think that BOO is definitely worth supporting: the more pressure that we can bring to bear on any government is a good thing.


Mr Eugenides said...

... there are drinks to be had?

Surreptitious Evil said...

While I can understand encouraging supporters of some other parties to sign up, I thought that Better Off Out was one of the main planks of the UKIP manifesto? Hence you could assume that a public UKIP supporter, like yourself, was almost automagically in favour of getting out?


Devil's Kitchen said...


That, of course, is another reason not to bother. However, BOO is a cross-party pressure group rather than a political party; in this way I can say that I am throwing my weight behind all possible methods...


Keir Hardie said...

And Timmy went too

So let me get this right.

You didn't sign up. Someone said you were a twat for not doing so. You disagree that you're a twat. You check who else has signed up. See that "Timmy has signed up". And then you sign up?

You are a twat. And a gullible twat at that.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I thought that this point might be obvious.

You didn't sign up.

For the reasons that I outlined, yes.

Someone said you were a twat for not doing so.

No, he commented that surely all the candidates for the UKIP NEC should be signed up. Actually, I see no reason why they should be.

You disagree that you're a twat.

Actually, I don't see the word "twat" anywhere in that post, do you? No. I was merely outlining the reasons why I hadn't signed up.

You check who else has signed up. See that "Timmy has signed up". And then you sign up?

I have contemplated signing up for some time, but didn't actually see the point in my doing so.

When I saw that Worstall, who has been blogging for a similar amount of time and has a similar amount of influence, had decided that it was worthwhile for him to sign up, I concluded that it was worth myself doing so.

Is that clear enough for you?


Anonymous said...

My ballot paper with a vote for you went in the post box midday

Keir Hardie said...

I suspect it is quite clear to all, and of course I'm grateful for that.

I'm intrigued as to the extent of your 'influence'. Is it a euphemism? Do tell.

james higham said...

Makes no difference. The bastards are never going to listen - just note your details for the electro-shock treatment later.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

As the UKIP candidate Finchley & Golders Green in 2005, I'd better do the same.

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