Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Batshit's crusade

Back in March, your humble Devil pointed out that Wee Davey is interested in little other than his Green crusade, a belief that I emphasised again yesterday.
Batshit simply isn't interested in anything other than his Green crusade: the poor sap really believes the crap that he's being fed and, with equal delusion, he sees himself as the saviour of the planet.

Now, via Guido, it seems that Benedict Brogan agrees with me.
Miliband wants to stay at Environment

The Chancellor is smart enough to know that Mr Miliband will need to be part of his Cabinet of "all the talents". Mr Miliband, I understand, hopes that he will be allowed to stay on at Environment because the brief is so important and he's enjoying it.

Well, of course he is. The poor sap believes every word of what he's told; here he describes, without irony, the release of the IPCC's latest "summary for policymakers".
The report of Working Group 2 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was published on Good Friday. It is a 'summary for policy makers [PDF]' that provides for stories about haggling and negotiations, but the report comes from the scientists to government not vice versa.

Er... right. And who pays those scientists? And why do you think that they are any more correct than, say, those BSE scientists?
The full report is 20 chapters and 1500 pages and provides better estimates than ever before on what climate change is doing to the planet (and to people and nature).

Well, yes, I believe that the IPCC have throttled back their assessment of any damage; so, have you read the document? Because otherwise I'd expect to see a big, "we are not all doomed" notice on your blog, David.
I think the climate change deniers are shifting their ground from denying the science to saying that nothing can be done about it (see the panel discussion on Newsnight on Wednesday - Ethical Man RIP). But it is worth having the scientific evidence to hand and the summary report offers it.

No, David, it is a summary of as yet unpublished data; as the data are unpublished, both the data and the conclusions frawn from it are unverifiable: not a very scientific way to behave.

But David really does see himself as the last hope for the planet and, if he can place himself so, he becomes one of the most powerful people on the planet, superficially commanding the ear of the EU and other countries.

No wonder Batshit wants to stay where he is: this country's too small for him, he wants the world...

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fido said...

Maybe its his comfort zone, when he can be "on the bus" with his co workers and take a "helicopter overview" of any problems.

Tosser spouts wankspeak 24/7 so the mythical global warming shit is right up his "corporate alleyway on the way to all inclusive times."

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...