Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Andrew Marr: stupid bastard

Andrew Marr is, I am sure, a very nice man. Unfortunately, he is also pigshit ignorant and stupid to boot. Admittedly, he is a journalist, so one shouldn't be surprised. Today, he's wittering on about recycling, bemoaning the fact that when electronic equipment—specifically, in his case, a printer—breaks down, we throw it away.
But to discard a hugely sophisticated article of silicon, wiring, glass and plastic, whose computing power would have filled a room at a Sixties university, because I cannot mend it, is surely terrible. Go to any big waste tip and you'll see glinting, glittering mounds of computers, laptops, printers, never mind mobile phones and digital cameras, chucked because they're out of date, or because some comparatively tiny thing has gone wrong, and no normal person can mend them.

No previous generation could have imagined doing this. It's the equivalent of finding a seatbelt snagging on your Ford Cortina, so throwing the car away; or discarding a typewriter when the ribbon runs out; or an expensive, gleaming lawnmower with blunt blades.

Er, no it's not, Andrew. If you threw the printer away when the ink cartridge ran out, then you might have a point but I'm afraid that most of us don't. The breakdown of your printer was far more like a car being totalled in a crash than having a snagged seatbelt. You twat.
If you ever need to explain socialist idealism in action to a young person, don't despair. You don't need to trek off to a small town in Cuba, or try to describe life in Czechoslovakia in the early Fifties.

Just go to a successful council recycling dump. There you'll find the bright re-education posters, the self-certain officials and the apologetic middle classes waiting in line. Here, the workers really are in control. Presumably, fortnightly rubbish collections are meant to produce more of that.

I'm as self-flagellating as the next man, but isn't the bigger issue the packaging used by supermarkets? And shouldn't politicians target them, not old ladies worried about the smell from bins?

Well, just possibly, you lkazy fucking journo cunt, you might like to mention why that packaging is there? Maybe you'd like to inform us that it is, in fact, an EU regulation that stipulates the wrapping of food?

No, of course you wouldn't, because you a piss-fuck piece of journo shit; a fucking dilatente cunt who doesn't give two shits about reporting anything other than the most superficial facts. It is because of pricks like you that the true extent of EU influence goes unreported and thus unacknowledged by both populace and politicians. I hate you.


Laurence Boyce said...

Truly revolting.

Roger Thornhill said...

Just go to a successful council recycling dump. There you'll find the bright re-education posters, the self-certain officials and the apologetic middle classes waiting in line. Here, the workers really are in control.

What is that? Some kind of Sociofascistic pron?

No, Marr, the 'werkuz' are not in control, but the faceless parasites in the Town/County/Westminster Hall...or worse still the "joint waste authority", which to me sounds like a Lib-Lab coallition.

Marr is not the least of it, the BBC are spinning fornightly collections as increased recycling - clearly due to the increase in "bad smells, maggots and vermin" that do it. As if a politician would notice...

p.s. If I had a Ford Cortina I'd chuck it even if the seatbelts worked perfectly - in fact, that would probably be the only part I'd salvage...

Anonymous said...

And no mention of the WEEE directive either. Quality journalism.

ChrisM said...

As anonymous alludes, since August of last year all electrical retailers have been legally obliged to accept old electrical products, which they must then dispose of properly, when selling new ones. So Mr Marr could in fact have taken his old printer down to Comet when he bought a new one. In his favour though Mr Marr always comes across as a personable chap.

C4' said...

I saw Mr. Marr in the Palace of Westminster in early 2004. He looked like a gaunt, pale and old scarecrow.

chris said...

What he dosen't mention, of course, is that it is the workings of the free market that has made us all rich enough to afford these goods. That we are now all so rich that we can afford to throw these things away is simply staggering considering for most of the existence of the human race being wealthy was simply having enough food for the winter.

While the metaphore of a waste tip for Socialism might be rather appealling, more accurate would be to point at Auschwitz, but with 10 times the number of bodies.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...