Monday, April 30, 2007

And the Welsh...

Having had a little stab at the Scots for being a bunch of statist lunatics, it gives me a great5 deal of pleasure to point out that the Welsh aren't really a whole lot better.
But later on, the campaign trail leads to a Baptist church hall where all the candidates have their first public debate. They are not an inspiring bunch.

As far as I can work out, Sir Dai [Llewellyn] is the only one who is not paid for by the taxpayer. The Tory candidate, Jonathan Morgan, a regional Assembly Member (as opposed to a constituency one), is the slickest - articulate, local and full of facts.

The Labour candidate, Sophie Howe, a legal services manager for the Equal Opportunities Commission, bleats the party line about improvements under Labour.

Why, she is asked, have hospital waiting times got longer? 'Because we have been focussing on well-being rather than illness,' she says. Yes, that is what she says.

The Liberal, Ed Bridges, is doing a PhD on public library provision, and the Plaid Cymru candidate, Wyn Jones, hasn't turned up but is represented by a woman who calls herself a political theory researcher.

The Old Etonian party animal no longer seems quite so detached from the real world after all. In fact, he must be the only net contributor to the public purse.

Really, who the hell wants to be ruled by people who have worked for the state for all of their lives? Wat Tyler constantly highlights the problem of the state as "simple shopper" and it is hardly surprising that our various waste-of-space assemblies and governments are unable to negotiate tight contracts and decent deals: they have never had any experience of anything other than the state's standard incompetance.

In the name of all that's unholy, when you vote, vote for someone who has some actual, real-world experience and then maybe we won't see quite so much of our hard-earned money being flushed down the fucking toilet.

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