Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tim Janman: better off out of... well... anywhere...

A very drunken night for your humble Devil at the Better Off Out Politicians Are Better Off In event on Monday night. Whilst I wandered around, bumping into various inanimate objects, Trixy bumped into an unpleasant piece of shit called Tim Janman, a former Conservative MP for Thurrock.

I'm not sure what he does now, but one of the things that he is currently doing is making obscene calls to Trixy and generally upsetting her. Let us hope that Mr Janman and myself do not meet again. What kind of fucking little turd meets someone, knows that she is seeing someone, but still thinks that it is acceptable to 'phone her up late at night and make obscene suggestions? Well, former Conservative MPs, obviously.

Janman's Wikipedia entry is quite illuminating. [Emphasis mine.]
On 10 October 1989, Janman joined Nicholas Budgen, M.P., and Jonathan Guinness (in the chair) as speakers at a major fringe meeting organized by the Young Monday Club, heralded as "The End of the English? - Immigration and Repatriation". Janman was subsequently quoted by journalist Judy Jones in The Daily Telegraph as saying that "if you look at the lack of immigration control in the past, then yes, Britain has become the dustbin of the world". He added that there was a need to offer voluntary repatriation to members of ethnic minorities settled in the UK, which groups did not wish to integrate with the indigenous population.

Now, if you were to look at the manifesto of the BNP [PDF], this is almost exactly what they advocate.

What was that, Mr Cameron, about UKIP being full of "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists"? Well, I must admit that your racists do seem to be very open about it.

I am not sure of the best way to define Janman's attitude to young ladies, but I would say that "obnoxious, stalking pervert" would suit nicely.

UPDATE: yes, your humble Devil did, indeed, meet Chad Noble and—despite some members of the UKIP leadership donning tin hats and leaping for cover behind the tables as we drew closer—your humble Devil was deeply irritated to find that Chad is actually a rather pleasant chap. Damn him! Oh well, I put it down to the healing effects of the unstinting distribution of copious amounts of free booze.

Guido was also there, as was Alex Singleton and a host of people from UKIP, Better Off Out and The Freedom Association. Good fun had by all, I think.

I have to say "I think" because my memory is slightly hazy...

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will the last cockney leaving london please turn off the lights said...

This character, Janman, certainly seems an odorous little prick but having just spent a couple of days schlepping around the less salubrious parts of Newham & Hackney I'd have great difficulty faulting his views on immigration.

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