Monday, March 05, 2007

Tasteless, lying Spam

David Cameron: supporting the evil Empire. Any minute now, he'll start shooting lightening bolts from his hands and calling Osborne, "my young apprentice"...

According to The Times, and via EU Referendum amongst others, Cammy-Baby seems to have an obsession with space aliens...
Visitors from Mars would be bemused by EU, says Cameron

Right. Anyone else waiting for his abduction story?
David Cameron will pledge tomorrow to work with like-minded politicians to create a new European Union — one that he thinks will work for Britain and the world rather than immerse itself in distractions such as the constitution.

Like-minded politicians? Which ones are those, precisely?

As for the Constitution, we all know that they are dropping the dreaded "c"-word and calling it a Treaty, which Blair will sign on the 25th March. So why is this massive-foreheaded cunt still lying to us about it?
In one of his most important speeches...

Or, as I like to call it, another nail in the coffin of his credibility.
... since becoming Tory leader, Mr Cameron will signal the start of a new engagement by his party with Europe, reforming it from the inside so that it moves from uniformity to diversity and from being an inward-facing bureaucracy to an outward-facing association of states.

Yeah? And how is he going to do that then?
Along with Mirek Topolanek, the Czech Prime Minister and leader of the ODS (civic democrats)...

Well, fuck me! There's a big hitter, eh? For fuck's sake...
... Mr Cameron will speak at the first conference of the new Movement for European Reform, founded last year when the Conservatives said they would pull out of the European People’s Party after the 2009 Euro elections and start a new political grouping.

I'll believe that when I see it.
The address will mark Mr Cameron’s attempt to get his party to start talking about Europe again but without becoming embroiled with sovereignty.

This is, of course, a very sensible decision. The last thing the "EUsceptic" Tories want to advertise is how much of our sovereignty they have given away to the EU since they signed us up in 1973 and then forced through the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. The bastards.
It would be one which devotes its energies to matters such as global warming, world poverty and creating a dynamic economy.

For fuck's sake. Look, if you are going to devote yourself to global warming, Cammy-Babe, would you please do everyone a favour and, as your colleagues in the House so patently haven't, READ SOME OF THE FUCKING SCIENCE. It's all crap: the human contribution to global warming is tiny and, despite what people say about "the scientific concensus", highly disputed.

As for world poverty, well, free trade would help that mightily. So, abolishing the EU—which, as a protectionist customs union, has a raison d'etre entirely at odds with this aim—might be a really good place to start. In fact, it would be the best place to start.

Abolishing the fucker would also be a significant step towards "creating a dynamic economy" but, the best way to do this is to just fuck off out of it, sunshine. Governments can't create a dynamic economy: they can facilitate it with low taxes and flexible labour laws but it is rather up to individual countries to pursue the policy that they most favour.
An aid said: “We have not been able to speak about Europe much because in the past we have always split over it. Now we want to be pointing the way towards where Europe should be going and saying that we will change it.”

Er, yeah, Blair said this too. It hasn't fucking happened. Come to think of it, Major said the same thing and guess what? It hasn't fucking happened. Why the fuck does Cameron, aided by the fucking Czech Prime Minister, think that he is going to be any more successful, eh?
The speech will be a clear signal that Mr Cameron will not take his party out of Europe and also a message to supporters who are considering deserting to UKIP that he will try to change the EU.

It's a clear message to supporters that Cameron is not living in the real fucking world, is what it is. Mind you, we knew that anyway: the cunt is still bleating on about taking us out of the Social Chapter which, as I've pointed out a number of times, doesn't exist. Further, it would require a unanimous vote by all 27 countries to allow us an opt-out.

So, Cameron is either ill-informed or lying. Or, of course, both. Why the fuck should you believe anything else that he says? It is entirely possible—more than likely, in fact—that he either doesn't know what he's talking about or doesn't believe what he's talking about (given Trixy's rundown of Conservative Manifestos since 1983, it's probably the latter). Either way, that makes him a terrible cunt.
His speech comes before the signing of the Berlin declaration...

Or, as those of us who are informed like to call it, "the Constitution"...
... later this month, reaffirming the principle of unity in Europe at the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

And conveniently side-stepping the whole Constitution question and thus being able to justify his claim that the Tories are anti- the whole idea. The lying little fuck.
He will say: “This is a moment for us to reflect on where the EU is — and where it needs to be. A visitor from Mars...

Would burn the fucking lot of the bastards with a fucking massive great death ray? Oh, please, please, please, please, please...
... witnessing the signing of the declaration, would take a close look of the inner workings of the EU and observe earnest discussions about reviving constitutions, transfers of competence, relative voting weights and other distractions.

What do you mean, "distractions"; these things, these transfers of power from our elected government to the unelected Brussels bureaucracy, are what the EU is about. Hasn't the chimp realised that yet?
But the intelligent Martian...

Would burn the fucking lot of the bastards with a fucking massive great death ray? Again?
...would say the EU should be focusing on the economic challenges of globalisation and the urgent need to reform European economies so that it could maintain its prosperity.

Er, really? You know, Dave, the Martian might just wonder how an organisation that doesn't exist as a country could force countries to change their economies in order to follow its version of prosperity.

That same Martian might, in fact, wonder why—having discovered democracy—the 450 million people of Europe were so keen to ditch it in favour of a dictatorship by a ruling elite.

Mind you, this intelligent Martian would also take a look at the EU and then your speech and ask, "what the fuck are you talking about, Dave? You fucking chimp."
It should also concentrate on the challenge of climate change and the need for swift action at all levels to slow the rate of global warming.

Er, right. It is definitely "warming" now, is it? I just ask because in the 70s it was global cooling that was going to kill us all.

And tell me, Dave, do you think that the climate change lobby might just possibly be employing the old trick from that time? This one, I mean... [Emphasis mine.]
[W]e have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.—Quoted by Jonathan Schell in The Fate Of The Earth, 1982.

Fuck off with your global warming, Dave, you cunt. And even if we do need to do something about the warming, may I suggest that we look to our own innovators (such as the group working on hydrogen fuel cells in St Andrews) rather than giving away yet more control to an unelected Commission?

And let's face it, the EU's actual track record on environmental concerns is pretty fucking poor, as Dan Hannan MEP reminds us (a flick of the tail to ConservativeHome, which is also fairly lukewarm about Spam's speechifying).
This is the EU, let us remember, that has caused one of the greatest environmental calamities in Europe, namely the Common Agricultural Policy, whose output-based subsidies have encouraged the felling of hedgerows, the use of chemical fertilisers and the impoverishment of Third World producers. This is the EU that has destroyed what ought to have been a great renewable resource: North Sea fish stocks. And this is the EU whose Parliament peregrinates every month between Brussels and Strasbourg, with a fleet of carbon-emitting lorries to carry its gear, and with all its paperwork printed off separately at each end.

The extension of EU jurisdiction into the ecological field is based on a non-sequitur. No one denies that environmental issues are international in their scope. But it does not follow that the best way to tackle pollution is through the EU, as opposed to multi-lateral agreements.

Then again, this isn’t really about greenhouse gasses at all. Rather, it’s about the EU’s long-held ambition to equip itself with a criminal justice system. As the brilliant lobby group Open Europe has pointed out, people would, in any other circumstances, reject the idea of Euro-crimes. But, add the world “environmental”, and the notion suddenly sounds more reasonable.

And you want this bunch of totalitarian clowns to be in charge of our environmental policy (let's just assume for a second that they aren't already)? For fuck's sake.

What other pearls of wisdom have you to offer, Dave?
And it should be absorbed by the moral and security challenge of global poverty.

I'm sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about? This is the EU, a customs union, that sets tariffs and quotas on goods from Developing World countries, thus ensuring that there is no free market for their products?

This is the EU that, having fucked up its native waters, is busy destroying African fishstocks through an extension of the CFP and ensuring that this is continued by blackmailing developing countries with threats of yet higher tariffs.

Is that the organisation that you are referring to, Dave? You thick bastard.

You see, Dave doesn't get it. He doesn't understand anything (and with people as stupid and patrician as Letwin forming Tory policy, who's surprised?): he just sees a bandwagon and jumps right on it.

You see, if Dave or his fuckwit pals actually did any research, they would find the solution to all of these problems and it's advocated by their favourite body—the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As Timmy has consistently pointed out, the IPCC conclude that the best all-round scenario, that which leaves our descendants in the best position, i.e. richer and not boiled, is the A1 which, rather predictably, is predicated on cooperation between countries and international free trade.

Unfortunately, the EU, a customs union, is the very antithesis of international free trade so... Yes, Dave, you can save the planet and make everybody richer by dumping the EU. But then, if you had bothered reading any of the IPCC reports, you'd know that.

Of course, even if Dave did actually bother to read the reports and then, correctly, concluded that the A1 scenario was indeed the best way to go, there is fuck all that he could do about it since British government no longer has any significant control over Enviromental or Trade policy: both of these competancies have been ceded to the EU. By traitors.
“Every night, some hundreds of Africans board boats and rafts to sail to Europe. They risk death at sea in order to work in menial jobs, illegally, far from home, in an often hostile and alien culture. They do this because Africa is in a wretched state.

That's the first sensible thing you've said: yes, Africa is, indeed and in general, a total fuck-up.
“This demands action for its own sake, but for our sake too we have to address the state of Africa if we are to preserve our security in the face of unstable regimes to our south.”

Yeah, uh, how are you going to sort out Africa, Dave? We haven't done too well with Iraq, have we? Africa's big problem is its leaders.

What you gonna do 'bout them, Dave? Plead with them? Hypnotise 'em with your massive, highly-polished fucking forehead?
Tomorrow’s meeting in Brussels will be attended by other leaders, academics, business people and citizens.

Really? Tell me, Dave, me ol' mucker, will they be using public transport or taxis?
Mr Cameron will say he hopes it will mark a new beginning for all countries and the beginning of a process that will fundamentally change the EU.

Dear fuck. He really is this naive, isn't he?
He will say: “We want to work together with the peoples and parties of Europe who share our vision, to create a new union, a new union based not on uniformity and compulsion, but on diversity and voluntary cooperation of independent nation states. That is the vision we are working towards.”

Yes, and that is what a whole bunch of coutries do throughout the world; they just don't voluntarily shackle themselves to a corrupt, expensive, murderous, politically-motivated organisation like the EU, you fuck.
Mr Cameron will say that his three priorities reinforce each other. “It is only by responding to the challenges of global competition and by opening up our economies to free trade that we will fight poverty in Africa. Ultimately it is enterprise, not aid that will save the developing world.

You are quite right, Dave; in fact, according to the IPCC, free trade will save us all. So, do we really think that a customs union that derives a vast amount of its income from the tariffs that it sets on incoming products, impoverishing the people both within and without its evil embrace, is the organisation that will best achieve this goal.

You think it is, Dave, and I think that you are a fucking stupid, lying, perfidious bastard. Why is it that a decent person who has made a massively positive contribution to modern politics, Chris Lightfoot, is dead and fuckers like you and Letwin are still alive, eh?

Life really isn't fair...

UPDATE: more from Strange Stuff.


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I marvel at your restraint.

Mrs Umbongo had to switch off "Today" this morning to prevent my blood pressure hitting 250/250 while listening to the wank-fest between Hague and Naughtie. Even then Hague - at his mendacious best - wasn't EUphiliac enough for Naughtie: but there again, who is?

Elaib said...

Just a short one, the thing in March will not be the Constitution itself, but from all information will have as its final paragraph an agreed timetable to ratify the new mini treaty (or Copnstitution as we call it).
Sorry if I mislead you.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...