Saturday, March 24, 2007

Slavery Boredom

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
We'll all be doused with white man's guilt
Paid by the licence fee!"
My apologies if I sound tart, but the BBC's over-egging of the slavery pudding is getting on my wick.
It was abolished 200 years ago, for goodness' sake. A lot's happened since then, like the Industrial Revolution, the universal franchise and two world wars in which the descendants of African slaves willingly fought for King and Empire. Get over it.
But no, no opportunity can ever be lost to ram home the innate depravity of British society and culture. Your NHS and welfare state? Shove it, mate, products of imperialism. Where's my giro book?
Not content with whipping slavery of the coin to death, the BBC is gearing up even now for that fiesta of slavery of the groin which will be the 2012 Olympics.
Yesterday, BBC News reported that,
"The 2012 London Olympics could become a magnet for human traffickers bringing in prostitutes and illegal workers, the government has said.

The Home Office has unveiled plans to combat gangs who imprison women and force them into the sex trade and push men into forced labour."
The best way to combat sex trafficking is to restrict immigration from Eastern Europe and the Balkans; however the political will to implement that simple, but not easy, solution does not exist - so the hand-wringing will continue.
But there's a very big problem with scare stories concerning sex for sale in 2012.
They are not without precedent; and the last time they appeared, when push came to shove they came to nothing.
Remember the scare stories about how tens of thousands of women would be trafficked into Germany to service the (w)hordes of football fans attending the 2006 World Cup?
So why should we assume 2012 will be any different?


Elaib said...

There is another more analyitical article about the German non event here

not_saussure said...

The best way to combat sex trafficking is to restrict immigration from Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Since bureaucrats are so spectacularly unsuccessful when asked to make decisions about other aspects of people's lives, is there any reason to suppose they'll do much better when it comes trying to determine who's coming here for legitimate purposes and who isn't?

Martin said...

Who said anything about bureaucrats?

I was referring to politicians.

Anonymous said...

Well, you gotta get your shags somewhere ...

Anonymous said...

O and another thing, innit about time those bloody Egyptians made an official apology to the Nubians?

Neil Craig said...

Not atypical for the BBC to pose horrified about classic slavery while still censoring all reporting of the way our KLA pals are kidnapping women to run as slaves today.

Not atypical but disgusting.

Pete in Dunbar said...

Nothing to add, but the word verification when I read the comments was 'suxdik'. I am not at all sure what to make of that...

Raw Carrot said...

If the Olympics are going to transform London and the UK so much - perhaps we should let Baghdad have them? They would surely benefit far more from them...

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