Friday, March 09, 2007

Climate Change, C4 and the BBC

Right For Scotland sums up last night's programme on Debunking Climate Change.

It's pretty fucking comprehensive and, amongst other things, exposes the mendacity of the both politicians and scientists involved (of which more later).

Go and read it and, hopefully, I can stop writing about it...

UPDATE: I quote this comment on RfS's post in full. [Emphasis mine and edited for spelling and structural syntax only.]
Thanks for the detailed summation. I watched the programme but didn't note the details. It has partly answered a few questions and have I am realised partly responsible for the mess. It was me who in a UNED-UK (part of the UNEP IPCC) report first made the risk assessment between terrorism and climate change.

The UNED summarised it as impotance of environment rather than war. (They couldn't use the T word then as Iraq had not been invaded).

12 months later the Gov Chief Scientist Prof Sir David King came out with 'the' headline 'climate change is a greater threat than terrorism'. Unfortunately this was only one small piece of my work. I didn't think climate change was completely man made, nor do I think climate change is the greatest environmental threat.

The Stop Climate Chaos got hold of the headline then all the other environmental groups. The BBC then did a weeks programming on 'the UK's Chief Scientist says climate change is a greater threat than terrorism'.

I contacted the BBC and told them I was the original author. They read the oruginal work and agreed I was. Unfortunately they said as I wasn't a 'media personality or celebrity' so would not be appropriate to take part in the weeks programmes which were discussing my work. This was the start ultimate dumbing down of the 'climate change' debate in the media.

The programme and your article has given me some explanation. All these scientists are working away, suddenly I give them the popularist headline and the whole thing takes off.

I feel really guilty but the media as the progamme pointed out are in some form of band wagon. I know I have talked to many of the environmental reporters from the TV and press, if something does not fit in with their own personal agenda they are not interested.

Roger Thomas | Homepage

Roger has posted more at his blog, the whole of which is well worth a read.

We're being stitched up, my friends, like a whole warehouse of kippers.

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