Monday, March 12, 2007

Questioning the patrician

I have just sent the following email to Oliver Letwin.
Dear Mr Letwin,

A few weeks ago, I attended at your Bow Group lecture.

At the end of it, I asked you a question about our membership of the European Union as it related to your new ideas for Tory policy. I also maintained, with some off the cuff figures, that I simply could not see the benefits of remaining with this organisation.

Your answer was, essentially, that if I was as aware or informed of the arguments as yourself, then I would see the benefits of staying in. I wonder if you might enlighten me with a few of these benefits, as I am unable to see any that could not be achieved by simple inter-governmental Treaties on the relevent issues.

Yours sincerely


Let's see if he can be bothered to reply or, indeed, to provide me with any of these mystery arguments. I wait with bated breath...

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