Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Open Letter To Toyin Agbetu

Dear Toyin,
If a few plans currently in the works come to fruition then it's highly unlikely that I'll be posting any material anywhere for the forseeable future - so you'll excuse me if I proceed to the task in hand with relish.
You are a public menace, and should get out of this country and go back to Africa on the first available flight.
Your little publicity stunt in Westminster Abbey certainly got your name in the papers - although I have to say that if I, a 36 year old, 14 stone Glaswegian white man, tried the same trick the royal protection goons would probably have dropped me before I got out my chair and the pathologists would still be picking bullets out my corpse.
But such is life. The police have to be very careful about accusations of racism; which is very probably why you were gently ushered out of Westminster Abbey still screaming abuse at the monarch instead of being frogmarched out in handcuffs with a bag over your head, which to my mind is what you deserved.
It seems that you're one of that tedious class of ethnic minorities and immigrants who bore whites like me by talking about their race all day long. You are the spiritual kin of the loathesome Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a refugee from the African-on-Asian racism of Idi Amin Dada who has been granted opportunities and given honours far beyond the reach of natives yet who still seems consumed with hatred of this country, its culture and its people.
You are the spiritual kin of the perennial bore (and sprig of Trinidad's black elite) Richard (Darcus) Howe, a commentator so vapid that were he not black it's doubtful he would have anything to talk about.
You are the spiritual kin of the Jamaican Marxist bore Stuart Hall, a 'cultural theorist' (?) who never really seems to have learned that culture is a matter not of theory but of fact.
You've been a delegate to a BBC conference on citizenship; as a British citizen by birth from an ethnic and religious minority who's very interested in the dynamic between ethnicity and citizenship, I never get invited to these things - what's the trick? I mean, what do you know about citizenship that I don't?
You've also been a participant in one of BBC Radio 4's 'Great Debates', on the topic of 'Dr Martin Luther King v Malcolm X', provided soundbites criticising movies you probably haven't seen (don't worry, if that was the case you're in good company - Tim Luckhurst, a former editor of 'The Scotsman' and libel bully, has been caught doing the same) and participated in a BBC debate 'on some of the issues surrounding the abolition of the slave trade'.
And just a few days after that you're publicly barracking the Queen...what a wonderful country...
The website of your organisation 'Ligali' (as in 'Kigali') carries a page in which you question whether or not current black Members of Parliament are 'effective advocates or token puppets'. Your targets range right across the ideological spectrum of British politics, from Adam Afriyie to Diane Abbott. What's important to you is race and racial identity - and as such you reveal to be no different from the British National Party.
And this is where you must excuse me if I get annoyed.
I have spent quite a considerable amount of time and energy criticising the BNP. The BNP's beliefs are unscientific and ahistoric, which results in them being acivic. Their belief that race is the principal component of nationhood fails to place sufficient weight on the importance of common language, common history and common culture in the development of nations; Roman citizenship was available across the Empire, for example (it's possible that neither of us would be where we are were it not for the efforts of a Jewish Roman citizen, a tentmaker to trade, from the mother of all imperial backwaters), and the United Kingdom and the United States were the first modern nations to offer multi-ethnic citzenship. It is no coincidence that these nations and their cousins have had the greatest success in building societies founded on civics and the rule of law.
And that's what you want to destroy, just as the BNP also want to destroy it.
You're not on.
Why are you here? Where are you from? How do you support yourself? Do you get any of my tax money?
You need an education in British civics pretty damn fast, son. I might suggest a suitable crash course.
You should take a trip to any of those monuments called 'war memorials' which sit in every city, town and village in the United Kingdom. Read some of the names of the people who died to preserve the liberty into which you have been invited and which you want to smash because it suits you.
Then feel ashamed of yourself.
But the day you feel ashamed of yourself is the day the Queen goes to church with Nick Griffin.
Next time you're speaking to her, give her my regards.
And wear a tie, because you look ridiculous in fancy dress.


Anonymous said...

Nice one and prety much reflects my thoughts. Why are they here? Why don't they fuck off back to their motherland?

Cunts all looking for a handout and handup and excuse as to why they are cunts.

Anonymous said...

Devils Kitchen . What a marvellous bit of rhetoric about the shenanigans in Westminster Abbey from that prat! Slavery was abolished by the English but started (and continued) by the Arabs. Excellent - but lets himself down on comments about the British National Party. We want to build up not destroy this country. You never know, Nick might well go to church with the Queen, God bless her - even if she does sign away her Sovereignty in May 2009!

crackers said...

Toyin Agbetu.

Before I apologise and sign over my house to your bretheren, I would like you to take me through the history of Liberia from circa 1840. I want to understand the benefits of whitey beating his breast and making some financial sacrifice for past misdeeds. I want some evidence that the act of contrition and £7trillion will help.

Basically Tyin its people like you who are preventing Africans from standing on their own two feet and getting their continent organised. You are looking in the wrong direction. Try the mirror.

Umbongo said...

I don't blame Toyin for all this. If I had no talent except for having black skin and a big mouth I'd do exactly the same. After all - as Martin implies - Darcus Howe and Yasmin A-B (and even our very own Lee Jasper) would be reduced to earning a (probably meagre but, at least, honest) living if they didn't have the benefit of fashionable ethnicities.

Roger Thornhill said...

People need to look very closely at those stirring up trouble. You will notice that almost all have a direct or only slightly indirect gain to be made from such trouble. They are filling their ricebowls.

Anonymous said...

And you racist mofo's wonder why African people still feel the need to demonstrate, centuries after emancipation??

Anonymous said...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Anonymous said...

Re: anonny (4/02) - Sounds like the White working class then.

Anonymous said...

Typical comments from ASSumptious racist white people who do not know they are racist and who could not be black for a day.

The English have a tradition and a culture soaked in violence, brutality and genocide. Be it the Viking invasion, world war one/two or the Iraq war, the English see slavery as part and parcel of their barbaric history.

Barbarianism is so ingrained into the English soul that asking them to apologise is like them asking Africans to apologise for being culturally African.

They debate whether murdering millions was wrong, often saying "slavery is normal, and part of being human , our joint history". They don't debate, if killing millions of Jews, was morally perverse, but the wrong in killing millions of Africans becomes a matter of opinion; and an apology is openly denounced from the highest places.

In their defence of slavery you always hear the English spewing Africans sold Africans. How comes you never hear them say Africans murdered other Africans or dehumanised them recognising and treating them as livestock.

Africa may well have played a part in the slave trade but do not be fooled into believing selling Africans is the same charge England and the others are being asked to apologise for. For them, enslaving Africans as a means of attaining cheap labour is the least of their numerous crimes committed against African people.

The English government takes pride in talking about leading the way in showing the rest of the world that they have set the precedent with both the abolition and the commemoration of slavery - when surely if they want to set the standard they should be apologising for the role they played in sustaining and proliferating slavery.

There is a philosophy which asks the question if a man jumps off the edge of a cliff, are you going to follow him? Of course the answer is a resounding no so likewise, in leading the way, the England apology should be done without watching what any other nation done during slavery and without watching what any other nation is doing now.

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed if the English powers that be ever apologised for slavery, in 200 years time when they decide to commemorate the fact that they apologised, just like the black slavery abolotionists of yesterday, there'll be no mention of Toyin - Just like old wilberfarce, the whole thing will be designed to show how great the English are.

Anonymous said...

Strategicly nothing has changed. The same black puppets the English government have in positions of authority apparently representing black Britain, are the same puppets the enslavers had in place on the African continent ensuring an endless supply of slaves.

Even today, Africa is full of leaders with western backing satisfying the western agenda. I suppose a bit like how Saddam Hussein was.

Nana said...

Annonymous well said, it kills me how the english are practically pating themselves on the back for being the first ones to abolish slavery. They have the misguided and idiotic belief that they ought to be given some kind of medal for that. It's like a serial killer expecting to be given some kind of an award for ending his killing spree. Give me a damn break Brits.

Paddy said...

Pretty shocking how poorly educated most of you are. What a waste of public funds!

dizzy said...

You realise the foreward of that book was written by Penny Rimbaud from Crass. Nuff said really

fido said...

Well spot the black rascists, as i have said before: the slave trade in africa went on before the english arrived - read your history on Ashanti slave trading and the wars with the english who tryed to stop them trading slaves, also read up on arabic slave trading - still on going today.

The problem here is black rascists with a private agenda against white people, if they were that concerned re slavery they would be campaigning against the slavery in the Sudan going on today.

Anonymous said...

There is no problem; this is why I am calling for a third world war, a major catastrophe or a natural global shift. This blessed disasters will inevitably pull down the strongholds of most of the so-called western world and Afirca shall once again be the cradle of civilisation. I just hope then Africa will shun history or may be try a little slavery- and I think you know where they will source the slaves. Then 200 years later Africa can proudly call for a memorial service... You bloody racists!!!!

fido said...

Strange how some of these posts have been posted word for word on my bit about Toyin, seems that some of his supporters are not just rascist but damn lazy to boot.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me why (legally or morally) I should feel responsible for the actions of people 200 years ago who happen to share the same skin colour as me?

Surely if that were the case, then Egypt should appologies to all Jews and Christians for the Pharoah's actions, what 3000 years BC?

Do all of Banthu descent also appologies for each and every tribe they destroyed, woman they stole and raped and men they killed on their way to establishing their nation?

It's all good and well asking for an appology 200 years down the line, but where do you stop? Heck I've been to the African American museam in Detroit, slavery was terrible, horrible. Also horrible were the 40 servants who were burried with the Zulu queen when she passed away, each and every bone broken in their bodies prior to being thrown in a mass grave.

Do you think the Brits appologised for the 20 000 woman and children they killed in concentration camps during the Boer War just 100 years ago? Did you see even a church service attended by the queen? No. Let me guess, they were'nt black enough to be remembered? Life sucks, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic how when required, the trading of slaves becomes synonymous with outright barbarianism. Slavery (cheap labour) goes on today. This is not to be confused with invasion or genocide much more be treated as the same crime.

Here's a question that has me intrigued. If the enslavers dehumanised the slaves they purchased, does this mean the enslavers saw the Africans they traded with (the Africans who sold Africans) as equals or at a minimum human?

Ironic, that back then, so called civilised people living so called civilised lives in the so called civilised new world can enslave and dehumanise Africans and still today seek to justify this as a mind of that time.

Toyin and the Ligali outfit are well known by the system. It was well known by the organisers of the commemoration that Ligali have voiced contrary opinion. He done the right thing by making his feelings felt on that day because believe me, if he ever knelt down to pray for the forgiveness of slavery, the system would have tied that around his neck like a CBE and hung him. Speaking of which, I never thought Benjamin Zephaniah's rejection of a CBE would ever be topped.

Toyin? the boy done good. And far from asking for an apology, it's the last thing he would do and in all honesty expect - but don't go taking the pi$$ by decorating a celebration as a commemoration.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like nobody is denying the crimes only that nobody should apologise for their crimes - and this appears to be based on some kind of they-have-not so we-will-not load of bull - yet you have hypocrites trying to say they hold the moral high ground because they were the first to have a commemoration.

I mean, talk about trying to turn the amoral moral - if you really want to impress me and claim the moral key as our own, try giving an apology!

Anonymous said...

That is right, it is a question of morality. No individual establishment can be held responsile for the enterprise of slavery but individual establishments can apologize for their role in slavery.

If Britain can claim to be leading the way by holding a commemoration why can't they lead the way in apologizing for their role in slavery? Well the easy answer is one has more rammifications and potential consequences than the other.

Britain needs to stop talking about morality while shooting their load over apparently leading the way in the abolishment of slavery his to me when it's clear, it only goes to show your only lead role is being the masters of deceit and hypocrisy - which was ever so evident on the face of Tony Blair when Toyin looked him straight in the eye - he had liar and a thief written all over his face.

Fed Up With Ignorance said...

It amuses me that people who seem to attempt to call themselves intelligent and well-educated spew such utter ignorant rubbish! The 'slave trade' of the AFRO-ARABS (not the 'Arabs') does not begin to match or equal the barbarisicm or financial consequence of the European led Slave Trade.
Also in response to the short-sighted, ignorance of the person who posted the comment regarding having to apologise as a white person to africans for the slave trade... look around you...multi-billion pound industries and structures which still exist today were built on the enslaved labour of African slaves! When you still have billionaire famillies such as the Tate & Lyle family, living in riches as a result of the free labout of slave, something somewhere is wrong!

Anonymous said...

For those fools who talk about Africans selling themselves as slaves; it would do you a lot of education to learn about figures like King Jaja of Opobo (yeah an African slave who was king), learn about the organisation of the Bornu empire - how every governor was a slave. Also, take time to let it sink in that there is propably no word in the whole of Africa that marches the chatel slavery you brought. After your re-education you will very likely be humbled into keeping your stupid, racist thoughts in your empty heads.
It seems easy to hide your heads in a sand ostrich style and utter empty prayers to a strange God ...give or take a few years, somebody will claim the Iraqis were already at war.
The Nazi's have apologised for the holocaust, why can't britain apologise?

Naija boy (African)

Anonymous said...

"Nice one and prety much reflects my thoughts. Why are they here? Why don't they fuck off back to their motherland?". Aahh! Do I recognise the voice of the scruffy tea delivery guy with the dirty white van? He's always jealous because a black man like me is so much smarter than his sorry self. He's always peering through the window at work while I write my natty computer code. He gets educated at the pub and the street corner while, I Naija am constantly thinking a way forward. Omashe! What a pity!
Adjust your thinking style man! You will only froth at the lips and do your head in!
You should get used to seeing black people around, obviously some will be as dense as you are (maybe the slower under 3's), but most will be smarter.
I'm not sure that your little Tarzan and Jane world allows you to know that "TV Africa" is just a racist potrayal of the continent. Just in case you didn't realise; there are close to sixty countries in Africa, economic growth on average for sub saharan Africa was between 6 and 7 percent. Where are these figures from? World bank, IMF. Go take a look and pee yourself, also look at the table ranking world economies (except you might be way too daft to tell which are African countries).
I remember a few years ago fools like the tea boy made racist comments about China, whilst China was quietly creeping past (time has a way of leaving wino's and idlers behind). The Chinese sent a man to space, the rest of the world heard about it as a rumuor. Fools like the tea boy are not unlike some evil piece in a demented jigsaw that can only sencelessly echo and cackle at the latest fad or loudest yob "philosophy"... A philosophy seasoned with ignorance, hear say; logic thrashed out in alcohol and the thing teenagers smoke in dark alleys... Too dense to learn; wiser folk are investing in the African jumbo economies; Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana. Idiots go about with fevered eyes (again, pub nirvana) talking about how recent colonial outposts like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ivory Coast were "bread baskets"... Baskets for who? Those who created our countries for divide and rule? They have very obviously never been to Africa or they have looked at the Serengeti in Tanzania and "seen" Africa. Fools!
People like the tea boy fall into a group of folk whose pee wee brains are so tangled between their ears they cannot tell east from west. These are people who in one breadth relish a bloody and evil empire; and in another express disgust at the Nazi reich and the bombing of London. Anyone spotted the pot calling the kettle black?
In 10 - 20 years I will hire the tea boy to supply me tea (yes, he'll still be doing that from a dirty white van and he'll still be a scruffy member of the pub think-tank). A bit older but just as stupid... This time he'll be wondering why the fish have not gone home - poor fool.
People like the tea boy continue to deny African slavery, but will apologise one day. It is inevitable.
For those who go on about Africans enslaving Africans, here's a link


Anonymous said...

Please read "bombing" as German bombing above. It should not be mistaken as any Islamist type barbarism. I in no way accept or prescribe violence as a means to settling arguments. I apologise if this has been miscontrued in any way.


Anonymous said...

"And wear a tie, because you look ridiculous in fancy dress."

Consider this, Martin:

You're just another ignorant racist armed who craves attention and seeks it via his an internet connection.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...