Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lord Kinnock of Bedwetting himself in fear

Lord Kinnock: liar and coward. Is that the odour of burning pants that I smell? And lo! He has a yellow streak down his back...

Anyone interested in the scandal of the EU's lack of accounting procedures might like to peruse the write-up of the House of Lords debate on the subject. There is some sterling work done by the Lords Pearson of Rannoch and Willoughby de Broke, particularly on the subject of Marta Andreason. Lord Kinnock, who was questioned by the sub-committee, was not present (allegedly because he had another meeting).

However, one cannot escape the conclusion that the real reason for his absence was that he was pissing himself in fear, having repeatedly lied like the fucking bastard, perfidious politico that he is.

Here is Lord Willoughby de Broke outlining Kinnock's lack of honesty.
Mrs Andreasen gave very convincing evidence to the committee on 11 July last year. It was, I suppose, not surprising but none the less deeply disappointing that when the noble Lord, Lord Kinnock, appeared before the committee on 25 July he made incorrect and misleading statements about Mrs Andreasenand her evidence. In question 468, he stated thatMrs Andreasen had made no complaint about the way he had conducted the procedures relating to her and her position in the Commission. That is quite untrue; her appeal against dismissal currently before the courts is precisely because of unfair procedure—procedure led by the then Mr Kinnock.

Mr Kinnock went on to charge at question 469 that Mrs Andreasen had not been employed by the OECD when she applied for the position of chief accounting officer; in other words, that she had falsified her CV. This defamatory statement is also untrue; Mrs Andreasen was an official at the OECD at that time, and was so certified by the OECD on 14 November 2001. I have a copy of that certificate myself—as, I believe, does the clerk to the committee. The noble Lord, Lord Kinnock, went on to pretend that Mrs Andreasen was not a high-calibre candidate, making a bogus point about linguistic requirements and adding that her pay was anyway only about €80,000 a year. But what was the Commission thinking about, anyway, if it was not trying to employ a high-calibre candidate? The reality is that Mrs Andreasen was a highly qualified, multilingual candidate. Her pay was not €80,000 but about £180,000, or some €260,000, a salary that would attract a high-quality candidate anywhere in Europe or the UK.

Like my noble friend, I am sorry that the noble Lord, Lord Kinnock, is not here to correct the misleading and defamatory statements that he made aboutMrs Andreasen, and I hope that he takes the opportunity to do so as soon as possible. Mrs Andreasen is still waiting for justice, nearly five years after her removal; her career is in a state of enforced suspension—all for trying to do the job for which she was hired.

So, there we are; the Welsh windbag, Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty, is a certified liar, and there's the proof.



peter whale said...

Hi you might just like this link!

Dodging a Warming Bullet -- Berardelli 2007 (305): 1 -- ScienceNOW

Praguetory said...

This is a disgusting episode. Marta was the first qualified person in this role and unlike less able predecessors refused to sign cheques to places like Honduras without understanding what they were for. Kinnock deserves to be vilified for this.

Trixy said...

But he won't be.

And where was the press reporting this?


Well, it's very believable which is worse, really.

Anonymous said...

I always hated Kinnock...


Mr Eugenides said...

Marta's martyrdom (must use that sometime) is a total fucking disgrace, and no-one can take seriously their hot air about cleaning up the EU as long as people like her are pursued and hounded for telling the truth about the tide of sleaze that these cunts are up to their necks in.

God, I hate them so much.

Praguetory said...

We will vilify him. This post was a handy reminder of his disgusting and cowardly behaviour in Europe.

Surreptitious Evil said...

He was a pointedly useless leader of the Labour Party, he is pointedly useless as an EU Commissioner.

Whatever your opinion of Baroness Thatcher, she was clearly far more competent than the Leaders of the Opposition were during her time in office.

Rather like Tony's first term, really.


Sam Duncan said...

Vilified? He deserves to be chained to a lamp post in Parliament Square so that any passing member of the public may kick him stoutly up the arse. Repeatedly, if they like.

As do most of the buggers, come to think of it. It could become a treasured annual tradition.

dblackie said...

More evidence from Lord Kinnock at http://dblackie.blogs.com

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