Thursday, March 29, 2007

Carnival of the Batshit #6

Via The Englishman, we get yet more disastrous news from Batshit's Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In the Carnival of the Batshit #3, I blogged about how the EU was going to fine DEFRA £305 million for failing to deliver the Rural Farm Payments (RFP); I also pointed out that Batshit hadn't blogged about since May 2006. Well, no wonder because it's even worse than we thought.
The total bill for the Government's failure to pay English farmers their subsidies on time over the past two years could reach £500 million, a committee of MPs is expected to say today.

The cost includes up to £305 million in fines from Europe, £156 million on "fixing" the failures at the Rural Payments Agency and £21 million in interest payments to farmers last year.

In a long-awaited report which is expected to be critical of the Government, MPs on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee are expected to determine whether responsibility should rest with a wider range of ministers and officials than who have lost their jobs so far.

While Lord Bach, the junior minister responsible, and Johnson McNeill, chief executive of the Rural Payments Agency, were sacked, Tony Blair promoted Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett, who bore ultimate responsibility, to the Foreign Office.

Mr McNeill was eventually paid off by Defra after drawing his £114,000 salary for nearly nine months but Sir Brian Bender, the Defra permanent secretary, to whom Mr McNeill reported, was promoted to the Department of Trade and Industry.

Sir Brian was one of a group of officials who was told by Government business advisers six months before the system went live that it stood only a 40 per cent chance of working.

That anyone from a government department has (eventually) lost their job shows what a complete and utter fuck-up the system has been. And just think of that money that we taxpayers have to stump up because of the failures of the Miliband's department.

£500 million. Half a billion fucking quid.

Sure enough, when you consider that the Gobblin' King is anticipating spending £580 billion of our cash this year, the RFP bill looks tiny. But what is so irritating is that at least £331 million of that half a billion is entirely unnecessary expenditure; if this lunatic fucking system had not been employed, then we should have needed to pay neither the farmers' interest bills nor the EU fine.

But, as I pointed out, Batshit is far too busy criticising Prince Charles for not collecting an award by video-link, whilst Batshit himself flew to India to give a talk on Sustainable Growth! In fact, Batshit is, as I pointed out, only really interested in doing an Al Gore—lecturing everyone about how they should, essentially, do as Dave says, not what he does—whilst avoiding learning or talking about the new technologies that are going to render all of this carbon emissions crap obsolete.

What an odious, deceitful, little shit he is. I almost hope that he does stand against Brown: seeing those two bastards wrestle it out would be more than entertaining...


Arthurian Legend said...

DK, I understand that, technically speaking, the £300m is not a "fine" as such but the amount that the Commission may withold from reimbursing to the UK for its failure to allocate the money on time and in the way agreed.

No difference in practical outcome, I know, but good not to leave oneself hostage to a potential charge from an EU-phile that we are propogating EU myths...

Anthony Browne in the Times gets things wrong as often as he gets them right when reporting on EU matters.

Anonymous said...

Meranwhile thr fuckers that were told the system was shite before it was implemented retain their jobs, their pensions and their status, i.e that cunt Beckett, amongst others. She and they should pay these farmers out of their own pockets and pensions, thereby ensuring that the next cunt to fuckup does it by genuione mistake and not because they are incompetent and can't be bothered.

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