Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will you, please, stuff your Constitution up your arse...

... and stop shitting on us from a great height, you bastards! Via The Englishman, I find confirmation that Elaib's assessment (written up further on Indepedencehome.org) of the likely trajectory of the European Constitution was entirely correct. Here's Dan Hannan MEP, writing about it in The Telegraph.
I've just worked out how the federasts are going to do it.

Really? You're a little way behind the blogs then: Elaib wrote his piece almost a week ago...
Ever since the French and Dutch "No" votes, the craftiest legal minds in Brussels have been looking for a way to resurrect the European Constitution. Now, they have found one: a way so devilishly beautiful that even those who support national sovereignty must tip our caps to them.

I'm not going to tip my cap to those cunts; and it isn't that beautiful and your humble Devil certainly had nothing to do with it. Don't confuse wholesome mischief-making with the pure evil exercised by our EuroFederast masters.
The problem they faced is simply stated. On May 29, 2005, 15 million Frenchmen voted "No". Two weeks later, five million Dutchmen followed suit. The constitution cannot come into force unless all 27 EU members agree, and neither the stubborn Frenchies nor the swag-bellied Hollanders show the least sign of changing their minds.

Our treacherous, traitorous bastard of a Prime Minister, of course, promised Britain a referendum on the Constitution regardless of the outcome of any other referenda.
Exactly so. Regardless of how other members vote, we will have a referendum on the subject.

Needless to say, he has not honoured that promise. But, then, are you surprised?
Europe's elites, however, immediately made clear that the project remained on course. "The French and Dutch did not really vote 'No' to the European constitution," insisted Luxembourg's Prime Minister, Jean Claude Juncker.

That's right, Jean-Claude; if you remember, it was claimed that the French and Dutch had, in fact, rejected the Constitution because it did not go far enough. They had voted in protest because they wanted "more Europe", not less.

I think that Junker was voted out shortly after that, wasn't he? Obviously the people of Luxembourg wanted more Junker, not less...
"The constitution is still necessary," announced Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Fuck you, Merkel, you sack of shit. What's it to you?

Well, that wasn't a rhetorical question: EU Referendum has a very good theory as to why Merkel is investing so much political capital in this exercise, i.e. it's a sop to the French who are becoming increasingly twitchy about Germany independent military capability (especially given that the French don't have any to speak of).
Other countries have since pushed ahead with ratification: 18 of the 27 members have now adopted the text.

And herein lies the lawyers' dilemma. The French and Dutch governments don't dare put the same draft before their electorates. But, if the text is amended, parliamentary approval will have to begin all over again in the 18 ratifying states, and some of their voters might well start demanding referendums of their own. How, then, can Euro-enthusiasts present an apparently new document in France and Holland without reopening the debate elsewhere?

"We have the answer," says Alain Lamassoure, a former Europe minister who is now Nicolas Sarkozy's vicar on earth. "We shall go through the text with a rubber instead of a pencil. Many of the clauses are unnecessary, because they reiterate what is already in the treaties. But these are generally the articles that people object to. So, if we take out what we don't need, we can avoid any new referendums."

Yup; cunning, eh? What a bunch of lying, cheating scum. The megalomanic shitfucks; the saggy tits on a pensioner whore's chest, I hate them all so, so much.
It is a horribly plausible plan. For the fact is that, as Peter Hain, then Europe minister, kept trying to tell us, three quarters of the EU constitution is a rehash of the existing treaties. This shouldn't make it any more acceptable, of course: the whole point of the constitution was that it was an opportunity to draw up a settlement in accordance with people's wishes. If we objected to something that Brussels was already doing - the Common Fisheries Policy, say - this was our opportunity to remove it.

That was never going to happen, especially for Britain: that cunt Blair's capitulation on every possible issue—including our rebate—removed any hope that he would be strong enough to protect our interests (his failures are neatly summed up by Nigel Farage, below).

Nigel Farage lays into Blair as EU president: check out Princess Toni's shit-eating grin as he is attacked and publically humiliated. The cunt should be made to watch this short clip throughout his retirement, his eyelids held open a la Clockwork Orange...

Blair was a total failure: he didn't even manage to hang on to the status quo as far as his own fucking country goes. Once more, we have been sold down the swanney by an arrogant, limp-dicked, incompetent cunt: the only thing that distinguishes Blair from that traitor, Heath (thank fuck he's dead), is about 15 stone.
Still, excising these articles will allow supporters of the constitution to claim that the document has been medicinally purged - especially if they also cut the clauses that offer a legal basis for something the EU is already doing unofficially: the diplomatic service, the space programme, the defence procurement office, the human rights agency, the charter of fundamental rights, the external borders agency, and so on.

As Hannon rightly says, all of this stuff exists already; it has been set up and we are paying for it. Through the fucking nose.

And why does it already exist? Well, either our politicians have signed us up to it, or the EU has simply gone ahead and created the institutions, assuming that the necessary legislation will go through. And, so spineless have our hypocritical politicians been, that the EU elite have been entirely correct; why should they think that there will be the slightest glitch in this "mini-Constitution", eh? How anyone can even pretend that this is a democratic institution is utterly beyond me.
The 27 heads of government will be asked to approve this plan at a dinner in Berlin next month. Shorn of its otiose paragraphs, the constitution will be less than half its present length. It will still specify the changes in national voting weights, the creation of an EU presidency and foreign minister, and a slight extension in majority voting. But the French and Dutch governments will claim that the new version is too trivial to warrant new referendums, as will the other governments that fear their Euro-sceptic publics: Sweden, Poland and Britain. Geoff Hoon, the Europe minister, has confirmed that the Government's promise of a referendum on the constitution would not apply to a "mini-treaty".

We are ruled by scum, absolute fucking scum. And please don't think that the Europhile Conservatives will be any better, because they won't.

I'm so ragingly angry that I'm afraid that I cannot continue. I might go and murder Blair before I have some breakfast, the bastard son of a fucking bastard. Prepare the cockroaches: they're going into his every orifice...

I've written more—and more temperately—about this article at IndependenceHome.org.

UPDATE: the poor, little Greek boy is on form this morning!
Cunts. Miserable, devious, unaccuntable shit-eating cockstains, every one of them. But no European Championship of Lying would be complete these days without the British entrant; it's the one sport in which we retain a vice-like grip on all the major trophies. Here's the kicker:
Geoff Hoon, the Europe minister, has confirmed that the Government's promise of a referendum on the constitution would not apply to a "mini-treaty".

The audacity takes the breath away. Goon, you terrible cunt, you've surpassed yourself this time. Give me one good reason why we shouldn't take a copy of the Constitution, soak it in battery acid and shove it up your cock, you drooling, fuckwitted simpleton. You had this promise squeezed out of you; the depth and arrogance of your mendacity is quite awe-inspiring.

No, that little lot is awe-inspiring: go and read the rest...

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Roger Thornhill said...

"For the fact is that, as Peter Hain, then Europe minister, kept trying to tell us, three quarters of the EU constitution is a rehash of the existing treaties."

What the EU Constitution does is show the boiling frog the true temperature of the water they are in...about 98degC by all accounts.

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