Friday, February 16, 2007


Much as I love Mac OS X, I have to say that I am with Twenty on this whole widgets bollocks.
I hate the word widgets. It reminds me of midgets, little wooden midgets. And I fucking hate midgets. And midgets made of wood, flammable midgets. The worst possible kind.

Widgets are supposedly useful things for your computer or website or whatever. I use a Mac and there’s this thing called the ‘Dashboard’ which you can activate at the press of a key. You can download all kinds of widgets, like Flight Times Widget, Wikipedia Widget, Weather Widget and hundreds more.

Once you’re in the ‘widget environment’ though you can’t do anything on your normal desktop which is, no matter how you want to dress it up, a bit shit.

Personally, I have used a useful bit of freeware to disable my Widgets Dashboard as otherwise they just hog RAM.
When I upgraded to Wordpress someone mentioned there were widgets I could use. So fucking what? What do they do? Do they make me a cup of tea while I’m writing my post? If not then I don’t fucking want to know.

Let’s face it, widgets are the equivalent of going to use an outhouse when you have a perfectly good toilet upstairs. They’re like hoovering your house with a dustbuster when you’ve got a Dyson under the stairs.

Just stop wasting your time making widgets and make me a fucking drink instead.

Bad Apple, naughty Apple!


Aaron Murin-Heath said...

Try running OSX with 256MB of RAM - then you'll really hate widgets.

I bought my iBook when OSX first came out, it was bundled but the RAM had not been boosted. I keep meaning to get it sorted, but there always so many other shiny things in the apple store to buy.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I have a nice new MacBook and my Mac Pro arrives on Monday or Tuesday... Hoorah!


Anonymous said...

I find widgets really useful. I run two clocks on it one for GMT one for PST (I am in California for a year). Quick access to a calendar saves me time and annoyance of finding the program or taking up dock real estate. Widgets give me a calculator at a touch of a button. Not to mention the daily Dilbert comic strip and "this day in apple history". Widgets are a nice extra that give you customizable access to useful and/or fun things.
I would rather have gadgets come in and out on a touch of a button than have "gadgets" on the desktop all the time like vista, especially when vista does not have the function that F11 does on a mac.
I would not run widgets with 256Mb of ram but I would not run any computer with only 256Mb of RAM

Anonymous said...

we got widgets in Gnome on Ubuntu as well. interesting diversion, but i just switch them off .

i like my desktop clean and mean. helps me focus on actually doing some friggin work.

Gavin Ayling said...

Ironic, innit, that Microsoft copied the widgets for Vista (and called them gadgets).

Big Chip Dale said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I love my widget and so do the ladies.

Anonymous said...

correct me if i'm wrong but Linux had widgets before OS X - the Karamba project on the KDE desktop.. from 2003

its evolved into SuperKaramba

i noticed this before - since Safari (Mac) and Konqueror(KDE) share the same KHTML rendering engine. Usually the KHTML stuff appears in KDE first, and then filters into OS X.. maybe this is where the OS X Gadget stuff comes from, as there is a lot of collobaration between the KDE and OS X teams.

On the other hand, the current iterations of KDE are *very* Mac like, so maybe OS X design/gui usuability is filtering *back* into the KDE world.
either way -its a win win for both the OS X and Linux worlds and i'm loving it.

dizzy said...

Enlightenment all the way baby. Eyey candy on low spec machines and it's been around for years.

Anonymous said...

My laptop is a G4 iBook and I quite like widgets - but then I specified 1GB of RAM when I bought it. You can never have too much memory.

My desktop is a Linux box, Enlightenment is nice, but fvwm-Crystal is definitely the way to go there, speed, transparency and low overheads!

Anonymous said...

There's information on how to disable the dashboard via one's terminal (by far my favourite OS X application) here.
This is very useful given that I am running Tiger on an ancient "flower power" iMac with 512MB RAM.
For work I have Enlightenment on a Gentoo machine with decent specs.

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